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Weight Loss Without Exercise. Unleash your Peak Metabolism

Updated on December 8, 2016

Weight Loss Without Exercise or Starvation; The Protocol

I'll start with a quick personal note. I was a relatively thin man my entire life up until 2004. That year, my brother died unexpectedly and I faced some personal issues. I turned to food. It functioned essentially as a drug. I would consume anything and everything I could get my hands on. The food usually consisted of high carb, high sugar junk like candy or waffles. Whatever your indulgence of choice, my guess is that it probably fits the same basic criteria.

I went from 170 pounds to 270 pounds within about a year and a half. Insane right? Even more insane is that I became complacent in this new found plump form. Sure, I couldn't get women anymore and I felt like crap, but I had my drug. If you're like me, you've reached a point where enough is enough. In 2010, I decided to make a change.

I started with the basic premise that carbs are bad, especially sugar, and that exercise was good. All of this remains true. What is daunting is maintaining a busy schedule and finding the time to exercise and not overwhelm yourself with a tedious diet. I decided to look into foods that would not only reverse weight loss, but accelerate it.

I came across apple cider vinegar. I believe it may contain the secret to my personal success. I use the liquid form; something you can find for a buck at the grocery store. Many will tell you that you need the Whole Foods variety, but the cheap alternative has worked for me. I added some lemon juice because of it's overall health benefits. Every day starts with a cup of coffee with a splash of ACV and lemon juice. I then consume a piece of garlic and a slice of onion. Appetizing breakfast! This is followed by a CarbMaster Yogurt. You can find it at any Kroger affiliated grocery store. The yogurt is great in that it's palatable as well as settling on the stomach. The ACV/Lemon Juice/Garlic/Onion combo can be tough to handle at first. I wanted to lose weight. I was willing to do whatever it took.

At some point, I discovered Ginger for it's many health benefits, but mainly because it naturally settles the stomach and helps you through the transition. I eat it throughout the day as needed.

The next step we'll call lunch is to eat a can of tuna fish, a few blueberries, some spinach, a carrot, a tomato, and a mushroom. My personal choice is to eat the tuna fish straight and put the rest in a blender. It's just easier that way. It really doesn't matter as long as you're consuming these foods. In all fairness and to warn you, this is not the most delicious regimen, but you want to lose weight without having to run 5 miles a day right? You're also consuming a vast array of foods that are great for your heart and immune system. Probably a good idea if we're gonna take it easy on the exercise thing.

Here's the fun part; I've discovered that as long as I do this throughout the day, I'm able to eat virtually whatever I want at night when I'm really ready to grub. That doesn't mean you can stuff your face with 35 McNuggets, but you can eat what you like within reason. As I'm sure you know, it's best to abstain from food for around 3 hours prior to bedtime. Sometimes I adhere, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I'll even eat some candy, sometimes I won't.

There's some dieting facts that can't be disputed; Sugar is bad. We all know that. Drink ALOT of water. I'm sure you know that. That one I follow religiously. The real revelation here for me was that I was able to eat reasonably well at night and still lose weight rather quickly as long as I followed the protocol outlined here.

It took me about a year to lose those 100 pounds I had gained. Some may say that was too fast. I thank them for their opinion and go on about my day as a thin man. You will lose weight if you follow this plan. That's a promise. I've encouraged many friends to follow me. They were skeptical, but results talk. All of them have found it to be incredibly effective and you will too.

I'm sharing my experience in the hopes that you too will find this to be the answer to your weight loss dilemma. Give it a shot. You've got little to lose; other than the weight!


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