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Weight Loss for Women

Updated on August 11, 2015

Changing your lifestyle and increasing your fitness level begins with an honest analyzation of your daily caloric intake.

Getting Started

Keep a diary of what you eat every day for a week at the minimum taking care to know the amounts. When you have finished the diary sit down and figure out the number of calories for each thing you are. Once you have this information you can see where the most effective changes can be made to support your weight loss goals

Eat Smart

The simple process of replacing healthy foods for unhealthy ones is a key step toward being physically fit. Try switching low or no fat dairy options for the full fat ones. Substitutions like these ensure you get all of the nutrients with less calories and fat.

It's a great idea to cook your meals from scratch to control the ingredients. Stay away from fast or processed foods.

Shop Smart

The salt, fats and sugar in processed foods make them the enemy of a serious dieter. When you go to the grocery store stick to the fresh foods then create your own unique meals with healthy herbs and olive oil.

Lean proteins should be used instead of high fat meats which are not only very high calorically but also clogs your circulatory system and negatively effects your heart. Successful weight loss in women I softer the result of healthy protein choices.

Start with 500 fewer calories than you usually consume. If you do not lose weight then reduce your intake even further until you start to see the pounds melt away.

Sugar Is Not So Sweet

Keep sugar for special occasions. Because it causes spikes in your blood glucose sugar prevents your body from burning the glycogen it has stored away. White Bread and rice as well as regular pasta and other simple carbohydrates will produce the same effect and should be eaten in very limited amounts if at all. Brown rice and whole grains are different in the way they are broken down in the body. Because they take longer to digest they do not cause the spike of white sugars allowing your body to burn the stored glycogens and you can lose weight.

Let the Water Weight Go

Keep an eye on your salt intake. Read labels and check the sodium content. If you take in more than the recommended amount women especially will retain water and gain weight or at least slow your loss.

Fresh leafy green vegetables are a wonderful food choice. Highly nutritious and low in calories many people find it is a good strategy to fill half your plate with these foods and use the remaining half for starches and protein.

You may normally have a fatty dessert but try some fresh fruit for a sweet but low calorie treat that supports you immune system with Vitamin C and antioxidants. Take your time to make the right choices and you'll be well on your way to fitness in no time.


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