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Weight Loss/Gain Management 101

Updated on May 27, 2015
Weight Management
Weight Management | Source


Weight loss and weight gain is a very interesting topic that is always relevant since it is directly correlated to an individuals health, and not to mention that it is one of the most frequently searched information on search engines like google or yahoo.

On this particular article we will be discussing weight loss and weight gain that caters to the diverse needs of each individual. And in order to personalize the weight loss/gain management the article will be divided into four parts, mainly; Body Type, Lifestyle, Diet and Exercise/Workout Routine.

Body types
Body types | Source

Body Types

In order to achieve our goals in weight loss/gain, the first thing that we need to understand is the concept of body type. Body type plays a big role as it directly influences our bodily processes in shedding fat or building muscles. Here are the 3 body types.

-Ectomorphs are the skinny type. They look long and lean but they mostly encounter issues in gaining weight, specifically on muscle mass.

-Endomorphs are the bulky and chunky type. This body type has a high tendency to store fat in their body and is generally viewed as the hardest body type to manage weight and overall fitness.

-Mesomorphs are the athletic body type. This is due to their high metabolism that allows their body to develop faster, particularly on how fast their muscle cells respond.


Our lifestyle also affects our weight loss/gain management. The following are the different lifestyle based on our daily general activities.

Sedentary- a sedentary lifestyle usually has little to no exercise. And a lot of us might fall in this category along with countless others who work at an office.

Lightly active- a lightly active lifestyle a lot time to exercise in about 1-3 days per week.

Moderately active- a moderate active lifestyle a lot time to exercise in about 3-5 days per week.

Very active- a very active lifestyle a lot time to exercise in about 6-7 days per week.

Extremely active- an extremely active lifestyle is usually a physical job (i.e, construction worker, gym coach, etc...) or a committed hard daily exercise.


Diet is the key in both weight loss and weight gain management. It is the very backbone that could determine whether a regime will be successful or not. The rule is simple, in order to lose weight, you must lessen your overall calorie in-take while if you want to gain weight you need to increase your overall calorie in-take. But its not just about counting calories, its also about the quality of food that you eat, as the famous saying goes "You are what you eat".

Ectomorphs need to increase their macro-nutrients like carbs, proteins and fats to provide the necessary nutrients to cater for muscle growth and weight gain. Endomorphs on the other hand should lessen carbs and fats to reduce excess weight and stored fat while increasing intake of proteins to cater for muscle growth and development. Mesomorphs have it easy, but that doesn't mean that they are exempted in watching out for their diet. Mesomorphs should also increase carbs, proteins and fat in-take to supply their body with the necessary nutrients to build more muscle mass and to create a well-balanced body.

Diet and Exercise for a well balanced and healthy body
Diet and Exercise for a well balanced and healthy body | Source

Exercise/Workout Routines

There are countless exercise and workout routines out there. And we need to be smart in choosing the program to follow. As i have said, each and every single one of us has their own set of needs in terms of their bodily processes.

For ectomorphs, it would be best to avoid excessive cardio and isolated movement since they are known to have very slow muscle growth. They should focus on exercises that have compound movements.

For endomorphs, it would be best to avoid overemphasis on cardio. Endomorphs are known to store fat and in order to lose it, a high intensity interval training is highly suggested to increase the overall fats the body burns.

And lastly for mesomorphs, it would be best and highly suggested to train the body holistically to avoid muscle imbalances. Mesomorphs can easily achieve their weight gain/weight loss goals but you should never take your body for granted.


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