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Weight Training Ideas and Principles

Updated on May 18, 2012

Via this article I will share with you different training concepts, styles of weight training, ideas, innovations etc. I will not share the exercises in general but will share different training strategies based on popular methods of weight training.

Moderate Volume Training

It is the most basic style of training with the following points in general:

  • Exercises per body part = 3-4
  • Set Range->12-16 (3-4 sets per exercise)
  • Rep Range->10-12
  • It is best suited for beginners who want to advance to more brutal volume training. One has to be patient while starting this method. Most probably one would not be able to go beyond 8 to 9 sets in the beginning. Persistency is the key. Be patient and don’t miss the workout. In a month or two you should be able to follow it comfortably.

Old School Volume Training

This is what most bodybuilders followed in the 60s, 70s, and 80s but 90s saw HIT becoming popular but the pendulum swung back and this training style is very popular again.

  • Exercises per body part = 5-6
  • Sets per exercise = 4
  • Total no. of sets:-
  • Back = 16-20
  • Arms = 18-24
  • Calves = 8-12
  • Shoulders = 26-30
  • Legs = 16-20
  • Chest = 20-24
  • Rep Range = 6-10

The above method is strictly for intermediate and advanced level bodybuilders. Beginners should not try this. Advanced bodybuilders club two body parts together and do a total of 40 to 50 sets. Some of them advocate as high as 75 sets per workout. This may prove counterproductive in most of the cases.


Basics first

Before getting into training routines, one must spend some time on understanding Laws of Adaptation:

  • The Principle of Individual Differences
  • The Principle of Overcompensation
  • The Principle of Overload
  • The Principle of Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands
  • The Principle of General Adaptation Syndrome
  • The Principle of Use and Disuse
  • The Principle of Specificity

The programming of training can be “one size fits all” for beginner and precise to the very rep for an elite. One must comprehend the principles and refine his approach to workouts and progress.

Periodization Is The Key.

“Drop Sets”/”Stripping method”/”Running the Rack”

This is an intra-workout training technique meaning it is exercise specific and can be included in every workout.

Here we begin with a heavy weight do as many reps possible, immediately pick a lighter weight up and do as many reps as possible and then pick up an even lighter one and do as many reps possible.

For example we do dumbbell press:

18 kg X 4

16 kg X 4

12 kg X 5

10 kg X 5

8 kg X 5

  • This will comprise a single set.
  • The point is total muscle exhaustion..
  • When applied to dumbbells, it is called running the rack.
  • For barbells, it is called stripping method.
  • For other machines and in general reference, it is known as Drop Sets


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    • SagaSphere profile image

      SagaSphere 4 years ago

      Do you mean total number of Reps rather than Sets per muscle group?