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Weight Watchers New points Plus Program 2012 Lose Weight For Summer Diet Healthy

Updated on March 8, 2012

Don't we all want to shed some pounds?

If you are anything like me, you always are looking for ways to lose some weight. Especially with the summer coming, we will all try anything. I have tried crash diets, fads, and even pills and only one thing worked for me. Weight Watchers Diet was the best program out there. It will help you lose weight safely and healthy. This year they started the whole new Points Plus Program 2012 edition. I went back on Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago and lost 11 lbs so far. In the begining of any diet the weight does come off faster, so I am not trying to make it sound like you will lose almost 4 lbs a week every week, but if you follow the program, you will lose weight continually. And you will feel like you are in the best shape of your life.

A Review of the BEST of many good materials on Weight Watchers

There are so many materials to choose from when you want to start a new diet plan. I will give you information on some of the best that always helps me with my sucess. First let's start off with the Points Plus Program Member's Deluxe Kit. This Kit has everything you need to get started. Included in this kit is the Complete Food Companion. This item is great because it has catagorized and alphabetical listings of common foods and their points values. You will be able to just look up a food item and find points. There is also the DIning Out Companion. This handy book is an indispensable guides make meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze. The Dining Out Companion gives you the PointsPlus values for just about any restaurant dish you can think of, so you can decide where to go and what to order. There is also a great cookbook called Ready, Set, Go! that lists points values for each recipe and I must say, these recipes are brilliant. And lastly for the books is a 3 month Journal so you can track your points, both food, beverage, and activity, so you have a reference to look at. ALSO INCLUDED is a great tool called the Weight Watchers Points Calculator. This device will calculate your points for any food when you imput some information on the nutrition label. All in all this is a fantastic diet.

So in the end....

Weight Watchers really is the healthiest way to lose weight. It teaches you how to eat properly and you will lead a healthier, happier, thinner life.


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