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Weight Watchers Review From Teenage Girl

Updated on May 6, 2012
The Weight Loss Dream Is A Big One. If You Only Do It Because of That Number On the Scale Your Journey will End Just as Quick As It Started....
The Weight Loss Dream Is A Big One. If You Only Do It Because of That Number On the Scale Your Journey will End Just as Quick As It Started....

Weight watchers changed my life. From the time I was in 6th grade I’ve been the bulky and chunky girl. Never had a boy once glance my way. Never had a chance to experience the fun activities that those much fitter than I am accomplished. When I was in 8th grade at the fresh age of 13 I began my journey with weight watchers. I went to the meeting center and went in to join with my mom who also has been large from as far as I can remember. I remember the sadness I experienced when they told me I had to wait and get a recommendation from my doctor before I could officially join. So watched from the corner as my mom sat down talking and chatting with the weight loss groups, my pride joining my spirit on the floor. That weekend I went promptly and got my check up and then asked my doctor the serious question of writing me permission to achieve my goal through weight watchers. He was more than happy to oblige and I walked in next Monday with my doctor approval in hand and received all my necessities for the programs. And this is where people say the sun came out and the sky was blue and I automatically lost a bunch of weight and gained popularity, love, money the whole ten yards when in reality the weight loss was a really tedious slow process.

The first week was wonderful! I stuck strictly by the diet and my mom helped a whole bunch too. No eating out, no soda, nothing. I didn’t know then that was the excitement of the initial achievement and the thoughts going through my mind were, “I decided I was going to lose weight and gosh darn it I am sticking to it!”

Week 2 through 4 was how I say…iffy. People started realizing “oh she’s on a diet?” and I would just shrug understanding I had nothing to show for it since I had only started days before. Or I would be so happy someone noticed and I would go home and dance around thinking of all the useless stuff I could do since I had lost a few pounds. Yet these people who asked the question continuously tried to stray me off progress. People all of a sudden wanted to bring food over, and my aunt she would cook pies and have her son bring them over for no apparent reason. My friends would invite me to the fattest restaurants they could think of. I was literally living in heck around my own beloved! I found out though they just really wanted to see if was serious, since had been eating wrong for so long. They wanted to see if I would instantly break just by the whiff of a piece of fried food, or the chill of an ice cream shop. When this occurs just ignores them, throw away the pie, shut your door in the delivery guy’s face and tell your friends to screw off.

The 5th through 8th week you begin getting to yourself. you’ve see you made some progress losing pounds or inches and you think that is enough. Now it’s time to go back to what I used to do: lounge on couch eating chips and watching TV with my friends that seem to eat everything and never gain weight. Wrong! I don’t mean to be frank but if you start doing that bad habit again the weight will not hesitate to come back. Then you are pushed back to level one and next time it won’t feel as good, usually you feel ashamed, and worthless like all the work is for nothing. I’m not saying diet for the rest of your life, I’m just saying maybe instead of having a regular burger. Have turkey burger. instead of having chips, eat some iceberg lettuce (believe it or not it really helps quench the chip urge for me when you eat it chopped up), of course you can eat the “regular foods” sometimes but just in don’t scarf it all down like it’s the last supper.

To sum up my fellow teens, the weight loss journey is as long, and crappy, and awesome as it can get. Just remember, the weight will come off. Sometimes when we go to scale constantly we see that we gained like .00002 pounds and freak. Don’t worry; you may have lost inches instead of pounds. Plus muscle weighs more than fat. Don’t let anyone swing you from the goal. Not you mom, dad, friends, psycho chef aunt. No one! This is for you and you only, they don’t understand until they are in your shoes what it’s like. Also it takes time. 3 weeks will get you inches but to get the full results at least 6 weeks is a huge recommendation from me. Lastly, drink water; don’t starve yourself; and if you start feeling dizzy, or sick please just stop. Sometimes when we are doing so well with the weight loss us our pride starts getting to us. We don’t want people to see us being unhealthy since we are the “weight loss success story”. That’s utter and complete bull. If you know you are going too far or you can’t handle it just stop. It’s not worth it.

If you are feeling discouraged Please Don't hesitate to talk to me email me at:

I Just Wanted to Know you Guys' Motive to This" New Life Style"

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    • easylearningweb profile image

      Amelia Griggs 5 years ago

      Inspiring article...and I agree when you said to always stick to your goal...that's the ticket to success!

      Welcome to Hubpages and good luck with your writing. :-)