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Weight Watchers - A Great Choice!

Updated on January 29, 2018

My Road of Weight Loss

I have tried to diet on my own over the years, but discovered that I needed accountability from week to week. Over the years, I have attempted to lose weight with Jennie Craig and other programs, many focus on calorie counting. Attempting this journey on my own was not successful. Weight Watchers has provided a method of accountability and much more! By attending the weekly meetings, recording what I ate, and exercising on a regular basis, my life began to change. I had great results with a weight loss of 40 pounds by working the program.

Weight Watcher's classes teach how to choose a variety of good foods, each of which has a point count assigned to it. Various tools are given to assist in the process of adding these points daily, including an online site which provides food counts with the push of a button. With the class instruction, I was able to learn new ways of thinking about food and its effects on my life. With this diet, you can have desserts. The weekly class celebrations for weight loss was an extra incentive to move forward on my journey. Regular exercise is encouraged to supplement a changed diet. As a result of these overall lifestyle changes, my general health has improved, my cholesterol levels have declined, and I have become physically stronger.

I have found that working on my inner issues through a Christian Twelve Step group has helped me not turn to food as a means of comfort. Celebrate Recovery has added another level of accountability and encouragement to me. In addition, several female friends have been a source of encouragement and support for me. All are an important part of my life journey.

Yes, I pay a weekly or monthly fee to attend classes and use the online services for Weight Watchers. I have found that the small investment is an incentive to me to work hard. Unless I am invested in the program, I have little motivation to work the program hard.

Choosing a Diet

Whatever the means of weight loss, it is important to make the choice and work the program. It is a decision that is made as a life style change. These small diet choices each day make a difference over a lifetime.

In the last few months, I have not followed my diet as well as I should have. Some of that weight has come back. Travels and social obligations have been excuses for me to indulge in food that is not good for me. Exercise alone is not a sufficient means for my weight loss. Good food choices are necessary for continued health and well being. I know better and resolve to continue my journey. We have an important family wedding in four months. It is a motivation to work hard. I am looking for that special outfit for this special event! Which diet will you choose for your journey? Happy dieting!


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  • PaulaK profile image

    Paula Kirchner 8 years ago from Austin. Texas

    Thanks Pamela. I appreciate your comments!

  • Pamela99 profile image

    Pamela Oglesby 8 years ago from United States

    Good hub. I think it is hard to beat weight watchers on many levels. I you attend meetings you have a group together with the same goals and you know you will get weighed in, plus all the teaching they do is so worthwhile. I haven't been there in a long time as my weight is fairly stable now, but I have some family members that have done very well with their diet. Thanks for sharing your information.

  • profile image

    Mschonfe 8 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!

  • PaulaK profile image

    Paula Kirchner 8 years ago from Austin. Texas

    Susan, maintaining is hard. Thanks for sharing!

  • susansisk profile image

    susansisk 8 years ago from Georgia, USA

    Good reading. I'm glad you have been successful with your weight loss! Over the years I have lost and found more weight than Oprah. I'm not good at maintaining.


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