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The best way to lose weight and keep it off forever!

Updated on October 31, 2014
Follow a regular diet and exercise routine consistently.
Follow a regular diet and exercise routine consistently. | Source

Fad diets, fancy equipment, pricey gym memberships and miracle fixes don’t work for optimal weight loss

Trying to lose weight can be one of the most frustrating experiences ever in your life. Everybody and your neighbor is out there trying out every solution they can lay their hands on. Sadly, they don’t find the right solution and most of the time all they do is spend money with zero weight-loss results.

Let’s get this straight. Fad diets, fancy equipment, pricey gym memberships and miracle fixes don’t work.

Instead, try these two weight loss suggestions.

First, if you want to transform your body permanently, you need to have a burning desire to do it no matter what. It starts with your head.

Second, you need to learn the right methods to accomplish this goal and put them into practise consistently.

A healthy salad combines greens, vegetables, protein and a little dressing.
A healthy salad combines greens, vegetables, protein and a little dressing. | Source

The Correct Mindset to Lose Weight Now

If you want to accomplish anything, you have to want it very badly. Ask yourself, why you want to lose weight. Is it to look good in your favorite dress? Or do your knees hurt like crazy when you climb the stairs?

Once, you’ve identified the reason, the next thing you can do is fuel the flames of that wish. Turn it into a burning desire.

Imagine yourself in an outfit that you want to wear. Think how good those stilettos will look on your feet once you get around to fitting into those skinny jeans.

Browse stores for clothes that you would not normally buy but are the kind that you secretly wish you could wear. Take the plunge and buy an outfit that doesn’t fit you just yet. That should motivate you to get moving.

Or if it is for your health and overall fitness, think about how strong you want to be. Watch a fitness video. There are plenty on YouTube. Try something like the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels or Leslie Sansone's 1 mile walk for beginners. Imagine yourself doing that workout and being as strong and fit as the trainers in it.

Get rid of the “I can’t do that” mentality. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it. Set some goals, make sure you keep progressing to a higher level every week and you’ll be where you want to be in no time.

Use weights as part of your fitness routine.
Use weights as part of your fitness routine. | Source

Weight loss is easy when you balance the calories you consume with calories you burn everyday

What’s next?

Calculate your BMI and your BMR.

BMI stands for Body Mass Index and will give you a good idea of what is the normal weight range for a person of your height, age, exercise level and gender.

BMR stands for Basal Metabolic Rate and it tells you how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current body weight.

Once you identify your BMI and BMR (there are plenty of BMI and BMR calculators online), the next thing you need to do is decide how much you want to weigh.

Once you set your goal weight, you need to find out what your daily calorie needs are. This can vary depending on your activity levels, age and gender. Calculate your recommended daily intake (RDI).

You need to lose about 3500 calories to get rid of a pound. To estimate this in Kgs (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds), multiply 3500 into 2.2, which is 7700.

To lose weight safely, aim to create a reasonable calorie deficit every day. Some people choose to follow a 1200 calorie diet plan. Check with your doctor before you start a new diet.

For example, a person who wants to lose 3 pounds, can set a daily calorie deficit of 500 every day. This can be accomplished by a combination of diet and exercise. If a person weighing 150 pounds works out for 30 minutes on an elliptical trainer, they would burn approximately 300 calories.

Eat a healthy breakfast that is low in calories and high in nutrition! This gluten free nutritious recipe for brown rice lentil crepes will keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Combine a daily workout and diet at your recommended daily intake and you can lose weight quickly and keep it off forever.

Remember a little effort everyday makes a lot of difference at the end of the month!

Do you have a weight loss plan that combines a healthy diet and regular exercise?

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