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Weight Loss - My Success Story

Updated on January 11, 2015

Weight Loss With These Simple Tips

Weight loss need not be battle. People usually ask me what's my weight loss secret ,because I'm always slim and trim. Well, my usual response is, I have no secret, which is the truth; because to date,no such secret exists. You see, my unconventional weight loss method is quite different from that of the masses.

I tend to do things differently (like eat my lunch at breakfast time in the mornings, chew gum, drink water, run (to catch bus and train), walk,and dance while I do household chores). This,my friend accounts for my skinny hide,because I really cannot recall a time ever being fat, obese, or overweight; except, for the few times I've been pregnant. And, packing in those pounds while pregnant is acceptable, considering the fact that,I was eating for two . Hey! I like food just like everybody else and I do have a big appetite. I even pig out sometimes. (Hey! I didn't say I was perfect.) You see, most times, the temptation is just too strong and I just have to give in to those enticing, luscious,mouth watering tempting treats as they dare me to take a step in the for bidden zone; yet still, I'm able to maintain my weight while being healthy in the process.

The same can happen for you, if you're willing to make a few minor adjustments to your lifestyle. It's not going to cost you a penny because you do not need to spend money to burn fat. There are so many things that you can do to lost weight without spending a penny and many people are aware of these things but are reluctant to try.

The weight loss market is saturated with all kinds of fat burning products that claim to help make your weight loss problem disappear. Most times, these are just empty claims. Sure, they may work for a brief period of time but you don't want that - you want to be free of excess fat and quit lining the pockets of the rich. They make billions and billions yet; the problem of obesity still persist.

This hub is not to promote any weight loss products, but to help you lose weight by letting you know what, I do to maintain my weight. Maybe it will work for you or maybe it won't. You just can't give up even though; you've spent a fortune and still you see no improvements. There's still hope as you can emerge the winner because you are always in control and CAN beat this. One thing though you have to be serious and committed for this to work. All it entails are a few minor changes on your part. No, you do not have to spend a fortune, nor give up that red velvet cheesecake (my favorite);yet, a little sacrifice on your part is required so read on.

You have to be willing to change how you eat and when you eat. Mind you, I didn't say what you eat. I eat just about anything. Right now, I have kids who are overweight. Why are they still fat you say? Well, they want to eat twenty four seven. They like to pig out on cookies,soda,chips, and Chinese foods. Sure, they exercise but right after they burn calories they put it right back by eating junk. Like I always tell them, exercise alone will not help with weight loss. But you know how young people are. Some of them don't listen.

You most definitely have to modify how and when you eat. I know this for sure as some time ago, I bought a series of DVD workouts which one of my daughters and myself utilized. She worked up a sweat by stretching and dancing and her confidence was boosted; for she was certain that with all this sweating; she was accomplishing her goal of burning fat. Although, I do not have any fat to burn, I went along for moral support and because exercise is beneficial no matter the weight so, I didn't mind. When we went to the doctor, she was advised to lose weight. She didn't understand and thought that all this exercise was for nothing.

I reminded her, that she needs to pay attention to her eating habits; but she just wouldn't listen. So, she is still struggling with her weight loss. She exercises and still eats everything. Well, you know what they say. Doing the same thing over and over and getting negative results is insane. Well, that's what somebody said and that somebody must be a genius because it's true.

So,if this is the secret to weight loss and maintaining good health then here goes. I often eat my lunch at the start of my day. Yes, you heard me. I eat rice, beans,meat, with raw chopped onions or garlic with my salad for breakfast. Along with that, I drink a big cup of hot green tea or anything hot; but its mostly green tea because that is usually what's available. Since, I wake up every day at 4:45 a.m., because I leave for work at 6:30 a.m. I usually eat my big meal before leaving the house. After I eat, I pull out my gum. I always have gum. You know, gum is not only for freshening breath, it helps with weight loss as well. When I chew, I usually feel full so sometimes the desire to eat is not even there.

Since, I have a little distance to go to catch the 6:44 train, I mostly run. I find that going to work with my lunch in my stomach works to my advantage. I am energized and ready for the day, I don't have to pack a lunch bag,I don't worry about what to eat for lunch and if I go without eating at lunchtime, I am fine. Sometimes I pig out and usually eat two small corn breads, drink two pints of milk or juice (for snack) around 10:30 and eat something again around 2:30. And that keeps me.

Sometimes, I skip dinner because I'm usually not hungry. Now and then, I eat chips or ice cream, if they are at close proximity. I do not go out and buy them, neither do I stock up on junk food. I drink soda, but not very often because we don't buy sodas. The tap is full of drinking water which I drink daily. When I do drink fruit juices, it has to be 100% else it stays on the store shelves. Whether I have salad or not,I usually chop raw garlic and onions which I eat with my meal. And of course, I'm always chewing. Chewing gum not only freshens my breath(no one likes garlic breath) but it helps keep me full.Those long sticks of gum are the best.

Since I have no time set aside for exercising; this is how I exercise. While sweeping or mopping, I dance to music on, My stretching comes from hanging up the laundry and taking them down. All these serve as my aerobic exercise. For muscle building, every two weeks, when I clean my fish tank, I lift up tall buckets of water which are quite heavy (about 3 )to pour down the toilet bowl and another 3 buckets clean water for the tank. This helps with my muscle building. So, with all this activity, and my eating habits there's no way fat can accumulate. Try it sometime.

As you can see, burning fat is not at all difficult. Whatever method you choose is up to you as not everything works for everyone. Most people fail to realize that exercise alone will not help them to accomplish their goal of weight loss. Dieting and exercising goes hand in hand; therefore, eating habits has to undergo change. So,start chewing some gum right after you eat,not only is it good mouth exercise and breath freshener; but it can help you stay full. Many people do not drink water; but water is very essential for maintenance of good health and weight loss. Make it a habit of drinking water daily. Never go without the most important meal of day which is breakfast. And, if like me, you consume your biggest meal of the day in the morning for breakfast you will see grave results. Add to this running, stretching,walking, and lifting few pounds now and then to lost weight. I mostly take the stairs instead of escalators and run to catch the bus and the train and this my friend is my secret to weight loss. Try my weight loss method, it just might work for you!


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    • givingfairy profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from some place in the Big Apple

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it!

    • profile image

      Don Downs 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for the very good posting. I actually will enjoy browsing even more as a result of anyone someday.

    • givingfairy profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from some place in the Big Apple

      Thanks mjhmorris. When you keep it real you're better able to help others.

    • mjhmorris profile image


      8 years ago

      GLAD TO FIND A PERSON WHO HAS THE KNOWLEDGE TO EXPRESS HER TRUE FEELINGS. I am the same and always felt it is better to be honest and truthful and trust worthy.I enjoy giving and helping others and some advice and information is better than none. SO many young woman today are hurting there minds and bodies by not eating and thinking they have to be skinny to look good. I am glad to read you eat real food, I do also but like you eat more earlier, I move a lot and stretch when I do choirs, I think if you deny your Body the nutrients it will shut down, so eat and move a lot. GOOD TO BE ON YOUR TEAM.


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