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Weight loss surgery, what your doctor won't tell you

Updated on August 8, 2016

Weight loss surgery, what your doctor won't tell you.

Weight loss, weight loss weight loss! As the battle of the bulge continues to be a downhill battle for even the best of us many may find themselves sneaking a peak at “weight loss surgery options” as our final ultimate act of desperation to get our weight in check. Well, of course, we have tried a variety of other options such as weight loss shakes, body slimming wraps, unused gym memberships, 72, 48, 24, and even 8- hour crash diets, just to name a few! However, in regards to actual weight loss surgery, that may be a viable option as well. Aside from the required preapproval seminars, and a number of other health assessment test and screening there is some things I want to share with you, that your doctor won’t tell you.

It is important to know I am in no way oppose to having surgery, however, there are some issues that should be revealed to potential candidates. Although there are psychological evaluations conducted to help determine your understanding of the surgery, the true test of total comprehension can only be determined after stages 1,2, and 3 of the surgery.

Where am I getting at? Well for many of us who struggle with diagnosed or undiagnosed emotional eating disorders, weight loss surgery is not your best option. Essentially, what happens in weight loss surgery is the restructuring or restricting the size of your stomach “in hopes” that with a new smaller pouch your body will absorb less food as the small intestine is bypassed, and voila! you’re on your way to a new you! When this may be true, the reality is that weight loss surgery acts to prevent us from overeating simply because there is now limited space. But surgery does not correct the inner “demon” inner “fat girl” or whatever name we may have for her. You know the one that tells us “Go head girl have some more”, and more and more” Why, cause you had surgery that’s why!”

Subjecting ourselves to this type of pressure can or in many cases will be a losing battle. Although your exterior may now resemble an accomplished weight loss survivor due to the initial 100-pound +weight loss, truth is once that weight slows down and our weight will now be a result of our actual effort, things may get very tricky.

(Imagine a 450Ib girl in a 120Ib pound body)

Have you ever ate beyond the point of fullness? Or just because you were bored, stressed or just out of pure boredom or gluttony? (Slowly raises hand). Resorting to weight loss surgery will not change those bad habits. That is why 20-30% of patients gain their weight back after having surgery. It is important to know that although I do not oppose weight loss surgery as an effective weight loss alternative it is important to inform inquiring minds that psychological issues will prevent permanent weight loss and a waste of your time, effort,and MONEY!
IT is safe to say we are creatures of habit… try undoing 20, 30,40,50, or even 60 years of over eating after having surgery.

Because many of us are not psychologically prepared or even capable for that manner, to decipher the difference between true hunger, thirst, boredom, and stress eating we shall continue to eat when we are not hungry, eat when we are full, eat when we are happy, sad, relaxed, uptight, scared and the reasons go on and on. Having surgery will NOT correct these habits. Surgery can cost over $40,000, and getting insurance carriers to approve your surgery can be a long drawn out process, which very well may still lead to a denial.

Save your money! Invest in a blender, juicer, and effective weight loss pills, and use that gym membership! By doing so you will have the chance to slowly incorporate practical habits over time. Not try to kick years of bad habits once you get surgery and already spent a fortune. Surgeries are not permanent and can very well be undone. They don’t correct your eating problems. So you will continue to be a 450Ib girl at every meal and struggle to pack down your load but may have some struggles to, due to a smaller stomach. That wouldn’t take away the feeling to indulge, it may lead to “dumping syndrome”, or the stretching and/or rupture of your new stomach, and gaining your weight back!


  1. Weight loss surgery is an effective alternative
  2. Psychological/Emotional factors can hinder effective weight loss post surgery
  3. Consider weight loss options such as healthy eating, weight loss pills, and health juicing

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