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Weight Loss Hypnosis: Wendi Friesen, Tom Nicoli and Richard Grossman Reviews

Updated on October 30, 2012

Are you fascinated with the idea of weight loss hypnosis? Even if you don't really believe in it or you think that it's got to be some kind of con, you have to admit that it's an interesting idea. It's really undeniable that the power of the mind can do amazing things. And it's fairly undeniable that some people have trouble losing weight because of the mental blocks that they face in relation to weight; this is especially true for emotional eaters. If you happen to be one of these people and you're at your wits end trying to figure out how to lose weight, you might be blocking your own ability to do so. And you might want to think about trying not to think about it, using a weight loss hypnosis program.

Basically, the way that weight loss hypnosis works is that it changes the way that your mind approaches different things that relate to weight gain. For some people, this is the emotional aspect of weight loss as discussed above. But for others, weight loss hypnosis can supposedly change the way that you think about the physical aspects of food. You can convince your mind to have a decreased appetite in general, specifically limiting your desire for foods that are bad for you. Additionally, you can convince yourself to be more interested in exercise and reportedly even to have a faster metabolism.

There are three major names in the world of weight loss hypnosis that you might want to learn more about if you're thinking that this could be your thing:

  • Wendi Friesen - This hypnotist is well-known because of the sheer number of television programs on which she has appeared to talk about her work helping people to break people of bad habits through hypnosis. This includes helping people with weight loss although she does not necessarily specialize only in weight loss hypnosis and is better known for some of her other work.

  • Tom Nicoli - Tom Nicoli is one of those guys that you see on stage, pulling people up from the audience to be healed in front of your viewing eyes. But you don't have to be at one of his seminars to get the benefit of his hypnosis program; you can order his weight loss hypnosis CDs and do it yourself.

  • Kenneth Grossman - Dr. Kenneth Grossman is generally considered to be the most reputable of the weight loss hypnosis experts in terms of his education, training and experience. He has been a certified hypnotheraist for twenty five years, seeing the changes in the industry and learning more as he goes along. He does all different kinds of hypnosis, including weight loss. He, too, has hypnosis CDs that you can purchase to lose weight at home.

Maybe one of these weight loss hypnosis folks is right for you. Or maybe you still think that the idea is a little kooky and it's not on your list of things to try. But there are people out there doing it and it's definitely an interesting experience so it might be worth learning more about it before you write it off completely.


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  • hypnosis4u2 profile image

    hypnosis4u2 8 years ago from Massachusetts

    Paul McKenna's materials are also worth reviewing. He is a british hypnotist who uses a lot of NLP techniques as well. Some things to also consider are that really all these programs are a piece of the puzzle. Just as critical is changing your eating habits and portion sizes. The hypnosis sessions can get you over the hump and along the right path but like most habits hypnosis can help with - like smoking cessation - there has to be an incentive and commitment, else at the first sight of that Krispy Creme...

    Thanks for the hub Kathyrn.

  • profile image

    Covert Hypnosis 1 8 years ago

    Wendi Friesen is probably one of the best-known hypnotists of today, but that has more to do with her marketing skills than her hypnosis skills if you ask me... Lots of better hypnotists out there.