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Weightwatchers Weightloss Plan: Simple Tips To Lose Weight Fast

Updated on September 24, 2012

Tips For Weight Loss

Here's some easy weight loss tips that you can follow. These techniques are proven to help anyone lose weight by burning calories and fat; an excellent guide for weightwatchers.

"Watch" Your Diet

People tend to use the phrase "watch my diet" to indicate that they're trying to avoid fattening foods. That's all well and good, but you can't simply take something out of your daily routine and expect it to be gone for good. It's not enough to discontinue bad eating practices, period. You must replace the bad habits (in this case fattening foods) with good habits, or healthy foods. Starvation attempts never last long, and starving yourself isn't even healthy anyway. Find ways to replace eating fast food, snack foods, and late-night feasts with healthy options. People that are busy may find that healthy frozen dinners provide nutrients quickly, without the extra calories, fats and starches that fast food so generously affords.

Are You Actually Hungry?

I find myself wanting food a couple hours after dinner time without actually being hungry. This is a dangerous time to be craving calories, since your body doesn't have much time to burn energy right before bed. But it's important to distinguish between actually being hungry and just wanting something to eat. Unfortunately, most people have conditioned their bodies to "need" food late in the evening after dinner time has come and gone. Chances are, if you've already eaten a good dinner, your cravings after 9 pm are just the signs of your body saying, "hmmm, time for my late-night snack". You don't actually need nurishment, it would just be nice to have something to put in your tummy. Self-discipline is the only way to defeat this problem! Just say no. Remember, the good eating decisions you've made all day long can be nullified by one bad decision at the end of the day. The last thing you eat today will set the tone for the next 7 to 9 hours that you're resting or asleep. That 7 to 9 hours will set the tone for the morning and can determine if you cheat on your eating strategy thoughout the entirety of the day!

Exercise And Eating

Don't justify eating poorly by working out. Nothing you do in the gym can compensate for bad eating habits- nothing. Knowing when to eat is very important, and as it turns out, when you eat what and when you workout are somewhat dependent on each other. For instance, it's not a good idea to eat fruit right before bed. Fruit has sugar, sugar turns to energy, and energy isn't used up late in the day. This translates into unused energy, which results in fat storage. However, eating fruit before a workout is an excellent way to give you a boost of energy during your exercise. Many people go out and buy expensive supplements to give them a surge of energy during their workout. I'm not totally against this; there are several high quality products that can help you get more out of your workout. However, don't rely heavily on supplements for what good eating habits can provide. First of all, it's cheaper to rely on good eating habits (as opposed to constantly buying supplements), and secondly, you don't want your weight loss progress to be dependent upon supplements; you want it to be a result of your self discipline and hard work.

What To Expect

Way too many people have unrealistic expectations of what weight loss will be like. I think this is largely due to the influence of the media and the fitness industry. You can't watch television for 5 minutes without seeing some advertisement for a weight loss product that guarantees some outrageous results- like losing 12 pounds in a week. You see, the fitness industry has found that it can sell way more products by telling people that weight loss can be achieved quickly and easily (with such and such a product) than telling them the truth- weight loss takes time, patience, determination, and self-discipline. Trying to lose weight will tell you more about yourself than just about any other endeavour. It tells you if you can make a commitment and stick with it even when things get really really difficult. It tells you to practice delayed gratification- postponing the satisfaction of unhealthy foods for the future satisfaction of a healthier, better looking body.


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