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HCG - Well I Lost 43 lbs in 30 Days- Oops I Wasn't Supposed To Do That

Updated on January 15, 2012

HCG- Homeopathic Drops or Shots- for me not a hard decision.

This is the least expensive HCG I have found on the web.  I have tried both the alcohol and non alcohol base and for me there was not a noticeable difference in effectiveness. They both worked fine.
This is the least expensive HCG I have found on the web. I have tried both the alcohol and non alcohol base and for me there was not a noticeable difference in effectiveness. They both worked fine. | Source

How I Came to Be In a Position to Need to Lose Weight

Well to begin with my favorite form of weight loss has always been exercise. Twenty years ago I bet a guy, or perhaps I should say that he bet me that I couldn't lose thirty pounds in thirty days. I went on a high protein diet and ran 10 miles each morning and won the bet. Now that was hard because I was only about 30 pounds above my ideal weight so those were the hardest pounds to lose.

A few years ago I broke my leg in 7 places and I am no longer able to exercise in the same way I used to. Running is out of the question. As a result my weight shot up to 350 pounds and I haven't been able to get below 300 pounds no matter what I have tried. I found myself in a situation where I was forced to accept that I was going to be fat for the rest of my life.

How Did I Find Out About HCG

Well I had tried a variety of diets but though I lost weight I seemed to still work my way back to near where I started.  Meanwhile I had at least 30 people I knew who were trying to get me to do the HCG diet. Well it sounded weird to me so I just kept doing my thing. 

This probably went on for 6 months  and my Doctor was really pushing me to lose weight because my blood pressure was way up.  Still I avoided the diet. One day however a good friend of mine was adamant that I take a look at the diet, so I agreed to read the Pounds to Inches write up on the internet which was a essentially a case study done by a doctor in Italy in the 1950s. I read it and I had to agree that it looked good on paper, but would it be a hassle with my hectic life style. 

My Chiropractor was trying to get me to do it and he was selling the drops for $50.00 and the "book" for a few dollars.  I decided to do it but my friend told me I could get the drops cheaper on the internet.  So I started searching, but as you may know the companies with the highest prices have the resources to be on page 1 of Google. I had a very hard time finding a place even close to the $20.00 she was paying.

I finally found a place that charged $25.00 and I grabbed it.  However they sent it with a signature required.  With my schedule there was no way I could be home to sign for it.  It sat in the Post Office for almost 2 weeks. A day or so after April 15th the lines had died down and I found the time to pick up the drops.  OK, so now I was ready to start. Or so I thought.

I had an all day trade show coming up so I decided I would wait and start it the day after that.  I had made the decision to do the diet but I had spent 4 weeks with one thing after another pushing the diet aside.

Getting Started on The HCG Diet

Well getting stated was the easiest part because for the first 2 days you are supposed to eat as much as you can of the most fattening foods you can find.  It turns out that this part is very important and if you do it well as I did you will never be hungry on the diet.  

Now the fact that I had a lot of weight to lose may have something to do with the fact that from the day I started to the day I finished I never was hungry.  I was seldom full but I was never hungry. I cheated once because I had won a free lunch at Black Angus with some of my peers and I had a chicken Cesar salad and I gave away the bacon. I was totally stuffed for the rest of the day and I went to bed feeling stuffed. 

The diet was easy to follow and I recommend eating your meals in parts spread out through the day. Eating this way is not required but I found it very helpful. You don't get to eat very much- just 500 calories -because the drops make it possible for you to live on your body fat and due to this you are never really hungry. 

I did not weigh myself regularly as I didn't really care how much I was losing as long as I was losing.  In the 4th week I started to weigh my self and for the first time in a long time I saw that I was at 298- below 300.  After that I started weighing myself regularly.

You can only do the diet for about 40 days and I wasn't even at 28 yet and I had already lost nearly 40 lbs.  Then I read the original issue again.  The diet was supposed to go for 40 days or 34 pounds lost, whichever came first.  By this time I had lost about 44pounds so I was over.

Still coming off the diet is as important as doing the diet. I could not just stop because you still have to eat 500 calories for 3 days after you come off the drops and I needed these days where the anticipated hunger would not interfere with my schedule. I stopped taking the drops on the 30th day and went off the 500 calories on the 33rd day at 290 and a total weight-loss of 48 lbs.  

HGC in Retrospect

Looking back on the diet I have to say that it is the easiest diet I have ever done. Many of my concerns were not valid, but now I know. I have a whole new wardrobe at my disposal which definitely was positive thing for me because I was on the verge growing out of my old wardrobe. I am still not skinny and I will do it again in a month or so.

All in all for me it was a very positive experience, but I know that my experience is not the same as everyones experience. I have friends who got hungry on the diet and had to drink more water and take additional drops. Nothing like this happened to me. The only weird feelings I got were after i went back to normal eating. One day I just got real hungry and had to eat and I felt whoosey from lack of food since I was eating normally I just had a meal but I had experienced nothing like that on the diet.

If anyone decides to do the diet I highly recommend that they read all of the instructions completely before starting and that you refer to them as you move through each phase of the diet. Also read the original case study as it is free on the web- just Google "pounds and inches" it will be right at the top. I have found that if you are assisted by a medical professional all they do is read that data and either give you the shots or sell you the drops so if you read it you'll be ahead of the game no matter how you go.

I suppose that I should link to my diet site The Best Diet For You which emphasizes that there is no such thing as a perfect diet that fits everyone. For some, and realize that I personally know about 100 people who have done the diet and it took a year for some of them to twist my arm to do it, the HCG diet comes close.

I have not gotten into the theory of the diet which I could have done and maybe still might do. These however have been my experiences and I hope they have been helpful.


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