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Westone Earplugs

Updated on November 29, 2011

Buying earplugs to conserve and protect your hearing

How to safe guard one of your most important assets; your real pair of ears as your hearing "equipment"

1) Why should your protect your ears from irreversible damage?
I am sure like most people, you would not want to end up having to use hearing aids at a young age. However this is a very real possibility these days when everyone is experiencing far louder noises than there were in the past. Unlike many other parts of our body, hearing damage is irreversible, and permanent, which means once it sets it there is little you can do about it. That is, unless you wish to cling to the hope that medical technology will advance quickly enough before you would need to use hearing aids. There is in the end no substitute for a pair of natural ears.

2) Even if you are not really a full scale audio engineer or a professional musician yet, or consider yourself a mere hobbyist, you will still need to take care of your ears as damage can easily become a serious issue. If you even touch music at all, then you need to understand how your pair of ears functions, and why and how you can and need to do your best to protect them so as to prevent problems in the future.

3) The human ears and how they actually work
Our human ears are basically aural receptors, taking in sound waves.Sound waves carry energy, and the strength of them are measured in decibels. The higher the decibels, the more damage it can do to your hearing. This happens as high decibel waves enter your ear drums, think of it as a thin and fragile drum. When it vibrates it transfers to fluid which carry it to the cochlea which contains many tiny hairs which translate them to bioelectric signals that is transmitted to your brain.

4) Hearing Loss
We must be thankful that we are not the 0.1% of people who are born with a degree of hearing loss. Yet many people lose their hearing each day due to overexposure to loud music. For example a usual concert rings in at 100 db for a few hours. Do you ever feel like your ears would ring non stop for a few days after that? If such damage is sustained it can and will lead to permanent damage and loss of hearing.

5) Conserving your ears i.e. Protecting your ears
The most obvious way to do this is to of course limit your exposure to loud sounds. however this is not always possible or desirable, like when you pay money to go to a concert. You should then look for custom fit musician earplugs, of which westone earphones is a quality provider. You may also have to see an audiologist if you have in mind the $150++versions, but cheaper universal fits exists for about a dozen bucks. Or you could get musician earphones like the westone um1

Your ears are important and you need to protect them!


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