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Is there any hope to blindness?

Updated on November 20, 2016

Wet and Dry Macular degeneration

My father has been diagnosis with this, and must have shots in his eyes, monthly. Each shot is $5,000. Now, he must get them in both eyes. (Hope they come up with a drop to correct my vision, because shots will not be an option. Doctors will have to drug me first because if they don't, I will end up on the floor with a seizure anyway. My brother will pass out as well. Yeah, we will both be screwed when/if this happens to us.)

Does anyone here know of anyone having any success rates with these shots? Because to me, shots in the eye would cause more blood behind the eye (which is what my father's most recent visit was diagnosed, "blood behind the eye.") Just like sticking a needle into the amniotic sac of a pregnant woman would cause her to leak more amniotic fluid, when the doctor already said she was leaking. Doesn't make sense.

Signs of the condition

Your vision gets distorted, such as a doorway or street sign looking lopsided, or objects may appear smaller or farther away. You have less central vision and brightness of colors, which this is one of the symptoms my father experiences. He is seeing things in reds and greens. The most recent change in my father's vision was abrupt and rapidly got worse one weekend, and his doctor could not see him until a Friday. I wonder what other signs will take place before his vision is simply gone?

When the blood was dripping behind his eye, my father stated that we all looked pretty ugly, as he could not see any of our faces. All he could see was pretty much the outlines of our heads. His central vision was gone. However, the shots continue.


Father's eyes

My father has been getting shots in his eyes for quite sometime to prevent or prolong his vision. A few weeks ago, he had to get an unplanned shot in his eye, due to a vision change. He could not see our faces. The center of his vision was gone. However, his doctor continues to say that he is not going blind yet, but doctors' have been wrong in my life. Case in point: I did not deliver a child with spina bifida, down syndrome or cystic fibrosis.

We already have to shout to get my father to hear us. If now, he cannot see our faces, I will soon be dealing with a male Helen Keller. We are thinking it may soon be time to send my dog, Angel, to Service Dog Training School, where she will learn to be my father's eyes and ears, and will be able to sense when her mommy has signs of a seizure and make sure she doesn't fall down and cause severe injury to herself. (I can see my dog saving her humans lives. She's great with my 1 1/2 year old niece..)

UPDATE: My father has been taking this pill called Eagle Eye. While my father was at his last eye doctor's appointment to get his shot, the doctor said that Eagle Eye was making his vision better. Here's hoping that it will save my father's eye sight.

My doctor's appointment

Hopefully, in January, I will be able to see my eye doctor again. This time, I will need to get the no-line bifocals because I am really getting tired of these migraines AGAIN. However, if I already have a family member with this condition....Time will tell if I will also lose my eye sight. However, by the time I do, hopefully my dog is still around to be my Service Dog.

I love my new eye doctor. Due to the fact I have a family history of cataracts, as well as Macular Degeneration, I must now go back to seeing my eye doctor every year vs. every other year, like I had been doing. (Of course, that all depends on Obama Care. If I cannot afford to keep insurance, then I won't be able to go every other year either.) I had my very first cataracts test, which they told me was actually new testing. It reminds me of trying to catch fire flies in a video game. It was quite entertaining. I also got some information on what kinds of oral vitamins to take to keep your eyes healthy. (Zeaxanthin and Lutein helps fight against Macular Degeneration and preserve your vision.) However, I am happy to say that I, currently, have no signs of cataracts OR Macular Degeneration. However, my left eye has change A LOT, and it is off to bifocals I go. My doctor gave me a bottle of eye drops to deal with the dry and itchy eye symptoms that I started having over the summer, which he stated could be allergy or related to the effects of my medication. (I will touch base with my neurologist in a few months and find out if I should make a seizure medication switch, which should be difficult in doing and trying to keep a work schedule at the same time. UGH!!)


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