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What About A Nose Hair Trimmer

Updated on October 11, 2009

So what about a nose hair trimmer that works anyway? Those things can seem to be a scary prospect. So you have nose hair to get rid of? You do not want to end up with watery eyes and pain in your nostrils. Is there another way? If you have ever tried those mechanical scissor nose hair removal tools, you know that they are just miserable. It seems that getting a good trim is just impossible. Nobody likes to go out with hair coming out of their nose and ears. It can be embarrassing. There is a better way my friend.

Whether you are ready to believe it or not, millions of men worldwide discover new hair protruding from places they never before had experienced. Most often these pesky protrusions come before a man hits age 30. The new hair starts to come out of the nose and ears. How unsightly indeed. The hair in the nose and ears has a tendency to only grow thicker as men age. Now enter the nose hair trimmer. The question now becomes a matter of why. Well the hair in your ears and nose prevents dirt from getting into these sensitive areas. The hormone changes in your body have led to the feeling that a nose hair trimmer is needed.

It's painfully obvious that this guy doesn't own a nose hair trimmer
It's painfully obvious that this guy doesn't own a nose hair trimmer

Hair In, Hair Out

You may have noticed that our bodies play a cruel trick on us as men. We lose hair in some places, and new hair begins to invade others. It is simply your body changing and developing further. If the new hair is bothering you, then go ahead and get a nose hair trimmer. It does not hurt your body at all. Your body is yours, unwanted nose hair is manageable with an appropriate nose hair trimmer. So be yourself and be proud of who you are, with or without nose hair protruding from your nostrils.

Using a Nose Hair Trimmer

Safety should be your number one concern when hollowing the hair out of your nose or ears. It is not advisable to use scissors at any point. One small mistake could be very painful and could cause damage, especially in the ear canal itself. Use a room with a mirror and great lighting. You will need to be able to see exactly what it is that you are doing. There are two types of trimmers available. There is the nose hair trimmer that oscillates, and the nose hair trimmer that rotates.  Simply place the bladed portion of the nose hair trimmer in your nostril or ear canal and sweep it along the through the hair. There is no need to apply pressure to the skin within. This could have adverse effects.


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