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What Anger Truly Is

Updated on August 13, 2011

Anger is Really FEAR Outloud!

Anger is FEAR outloud: F-E-A-R stands for "False Expectations Appearing Real"
Anger is FEAR outloud: F-E-A-R stands for "False Expectations Appearing Real"

Choosing Creating over Reacting

Dear God,

Help us to remember that anger is not wrong, bad or indifferent. Anger is a reaction to an affront on our character, a reaction to an unsubstantiated fear, a reaction to a past memory of a difficult experience in our lives. Help us to realize that we have such empowerment within ourselves that we can stop in our tracks, take a deep breath, say to ourselves, “what does this say to me about me?” , choose a different perspective about the current issue in which we are angry and choose a different response. We are CREATORS, we don’t have to be REACTORS. Help us to see that all the letters in those two words are the same, we just need to rearrange them, just like we can rearrange our thoughts.

If we could “C” first how we are feeling, then we can change from a reactor to a Creator! Help us remember that life is not a journey of discovery, but a journey of CREATION! We need not worry where we are going, we just need to be strong enough and aware enough to create our own journey on the way there. Any path we choose to take will lead us back to where we came from anyway, which is our ultimate purpose.

Thanks for listening, God. My name’s Lene’.


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    • Lene Lynn profile image

      Lene' Lynn St. John 5 years ago from Glendale, AZ

      Autoboss, thank you for your comments, I really appreciate that the article resonated with you so deeply! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my work. I hope you come back again soon!

    • profile image

      Autoboss V30 5 years ago

      I am impressed, I must say. In fact, I have rarely found a blog, trained and rest, and let me tell you, you hit the nail on the head. Your idea is brilliant: the issue is something that people do not talk to wisely. I am very happy I was worried about something like this bahawa merentasi can be found in my search for love. xyj

    • Lene Lynn profile image

      Lene' Lynn St. John 6 years ago from Glendale, AZ

      motti, thank you...:) I am so glad you stopped by to read it! :)

    • mottiandbander profile image

      mottiandbander 6 years ago from Chd

      Nice letter to god.

    • Lene Lynn profile image

      Lene' Lynn St. John 7 years ago from Glendale, AZ

      Thank you Kim...:)

    • profile image

      kims3003 7 years ago

      Great hub - well done!

    • stargazer4305 profile image

      stargazer4305 7 years ago from California

      Well said. I wish more people would stop and think before reacting. BTW: Congrats, on your new Grandson in your Newborn article.