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What Are Baoding Balls?

Updated on July 10, 2014

Baoding Balls


What Are Baoding Balls

Baoding balls are also known as Chinese exercise balls, or simply as Chinese health balls. Some secular versions are called meditation balls, therapy balls, stress balls, medicine balls, or chime balls. Baoding balls originally were made from iron in Baoding city of Hebei province in China during the Great Ming dynasty, the dynasty that ruled in the country from mid 1300s till late 1600s.

Baoding balls are believed to have great healing effect on human mind and body. Nowadays, these therapy balls are very popular all over the world. Traditionally they are made from chrome-plated steel, or occasionally might have been made of copper. Modern balls now vary in size, color, ornament and material they are made from.These balls are hallow and contain tiny balls or particles inside that produce chime-like sound when they are being manipulated. The color and ornament on the meditation balls aim to convey a feel of harmony and repose.

Inside Baoding Balls


How Baoding Balls are Used

Boading balls have many names depending on how they used. Generally, they would be implemented to exercise and train the hand muscles. By holding them and manipulating them to revolve in the hand, the muscles become strong and limber over time.

Even though these balls are working out your hand, they're seen as instruments indispensable for holistic health purposes. According to eastern medical tradition, the complex bodily systems are interlinked. There are numerous receptors inside of the hand, and doing baoding ball exercises is believed to have a positive effect on other organs throughout the body and mind. The balls are believed to regulate the internal energy balance and prmote a healthy blood flow.

The medical effects are believed to be caused by the balls coming into contact with meridians and acupuncture (or pressure) points. Stimulation of the meridians stirs positive impulses in the whole organism. Thus, manipulation with one organ or part of the body would affect the whole body. In alternative Chinese medicine, baoding balls are also believed to make brain and bones stronger and cause healing process throughout the whole nervous system, cranial nerve, and such organs as heart, lungs, stomach, liver intestines, gallbladder, kidneys and spleen.

Nevertheless, advocates of western medical traditionally remain skeptical about the Chinese balls’ healing role. But there definitely is evidence that Chinese balls have healed problems with muscles and joints, released hypertension, numbness and other numerous physical disorders.

The Boading balls are also used sometimes in mediation. They may be used as a focal point for mindfulness while one focuses on the smooth movement of the balls in one's hand.

Using Baoding Balls

Traditionally the baoding balls are rotated clockwise and then counterclockwise in one palm. They're then switched to the other palm and the movements are repeated.

At first you may find it inconvenient or difficult to manipulate the balls, especially in your less dominant hand, but soon when you get accustomed to it and start creating smooth movements that will keep the chimes sounding harmoniously. Some expert baoding ball users may graduate to three balls instead of two.

Stores have various health balls on offer, among them: Chrome Steel Baoding Balls, Goldfish Baoding Balls, Tai Chi Yin Yang Baoding Balls, Four Leaf Clover Baoding Balls, and other that are usually priced around $8-- this is a great investment considering the benefits of these wonderful tools!

Using Baoding Balls


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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 7 years ago

      Thanks BKCreative :-)

      Happy to see you here and i must say i love your Hubs.

    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Wow! Living in New York City I can easily find these. And in ChinaTown there is such a large variety.

      And I will certainly pick up some - not just for myself but as excellent and creative gift ideas. And I can share your hub with my friends.

      Thanks so much for the information. This is great! Rated up and more!