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What Are The Best Lower Abs Exercises

Updated on January 19, 2016

It would be difficult to pin down the single best lower abdominal exercise. Most crunches target the upper abs. The same goes for many traditional ab exercises.

Due to their position on the body, lower abs are hard to get to and isolate. The exercises that hit the sweet spot for the lower abs are, not exclusively, but in particular, leg lift type exercises.

When you dig into some of the activities on the web that require lifting of the legs, like the Sitting Bicycle and the Leg Scissors, you’ll see what I mean pretty quickly. You can feel these moves target the lower abdominal muscles.


On my personal list for best lower ab exercise, you’ll find the Static Jump, which does an excellent job of hitting the lower ab area. Again, your legs go at a stretch here and to pull them in, you engage your abs to a large extent. So, keep those legs straight (or just slightly bent) and lift them. There are many variations you can do here.

Next up we have the Plank. You do this from a modified pushup position, and it really gets hold of the lower abs when done accurately. To up the difficulty for this exercise and turn it into a monster, move your feet further back and your arms further forward from the classic plank position. The lower you get and the more stretched you are, the harder it’s going to be for you to lift your midriff up and the harder your lower abs will work.

Finally, I’m not a fan of ab machines, but there is one piece of equipment that actually lets you hit the lower abs. It’s called the Power Wheel and is made by, and recommended by respected fitness experts like Matt Furey.

You use the power wheel to extend your body; then you have to roll back again. You’ll see what I mean in the image below. You can attach it to either your feet or your hands.

Lifeline Power Wheel with 2 Handles and Stirrups for Abdominal Exercises and Exercise DVD, 14 Inch Wheel, Black (67150)
Lifeline Power Wheel with 2 Handles and Stirrups for Abdominal Exercises and Exercise DVD, 14 Inch Wheel, Black (67150)

The best power since it comes with foot straps so you can do lower body abdominal exercises as well.


If you’re too broke to buy the Power Wheel, or simply feel that the only wheels you want to ride on are attached to your car, you can still mimic this effect by using a towel on a surface which will allow it to slide easily.

Kneel down, place the folded towel in front of you and grab it with your hands. Stay on your knees to start with until your body get stronger and used to this type of exercise because it is not as easy as it sounds, but makes for a great lower ab exercise.

Now, slide your hands and upper body forward on the towel, then slide back again, using your ab muscles to pull you back without any help from your legs. Your arms are also just for balance, so keep them still and let your abs do the work. You’ll find this is close to the best lower ab exercise you can do.

So, to summarize, hit those lower abs with:

  • Leg lifts (various types),
  • The Plank and its variations
  • The Power Wheel (or the power towel, if you’re broke or spiteful)

Ok, hopefully that takes care of the mystery of making those lower abdominals burn like old Lucifer’s barbeque. Indeed, trying to pin down the best lower ab exercise is like an attempt to pin down the best song ever written. Pointless. Get busy on these.

A Sample Lower Abs Routine

Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts
Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

An ergonomically designed ab wheel that provides more types of exercises, and more comfortable and efficient usage.



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