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What Are The Best Protein Powders For Women To Take

Updated on August 31, 2013

Women and protein

The protein industry has really picked up in recent times in regards to protein powder variety. In addition, more and more women now take protein either as a diet supplement, or athletic supplement. In fact, many women attribute taking protein in conjunction with light-weight male exercises for giving them irresistible features.
If you've asked your hubby, brother or any other dude for help with choosing the right protein powder for you as a woman, then you've probably seen the look of confusion, followed by a frantic attempt to act like they know what they are talking about. Often like:
"Proteins not for girls, it's a man thing to take. You don't know what you're doing!"
...or something similar.


Women CAN use protein powders and often use the "Men's Ones" with great success.
In fact, the majority of attractive girls that have been going to the gym take protein. More so, if you get a personal trainer, one of the first things they will ask you is: "what protein are you currently taking?"

Protein Powders For Women Versus Protein Powders For Men

More times than not, women can effectively use the same proteins as men, in fact, most protein supplements on the market are designed to be used by both females and males.
Overall, Protein Is Nourishment - and its not like women only eat pink things, and men only eat blue things. And without enough protein, both men and women's bodies will sag and lack firmness.

Can women take their boyfriends protein, or regular sport protein supplements?
Yes, and we recommend that women take many of the same protein brands. The only thing that you as a women need to watch out for, is any added creatine, or testosterone stimulating ingredients. These will often be advertised on the front label in one way or another.

Does Protein Drinks Help Women To Lose More Weight?

Yes, Protein supplementation is extremely effective alongside a weight loss plan.

Using protein in conjunction with 6 small meals per day containing roughly 250-350 calories or less is extremely effective.

One of the most important aspects of choosing a protein for dieting, as well as making smart food decisions while dieting is: to get plenty of protein, avoid carbs to the best of your ability, get plenty of fruits, veggies and fiber, and don't eat late at night! Oh, and to every woman out there eat breakfast!!

Protein powders for women should never have more than 300 calories per serving, or greater than 10g of carbs! In addition, watch out for abundant artificial sweeteners or Monosodium Glutamate.

Good ingredients in a protein powder for women to lose weight are:

Whey Isolate, Egg protein, Soy Protein and amino acids. Proteins that also contain omega fatty acids are very helpful for promoting the fat burning process.

What Protein Powders For Women Are The Best?

There are a few particularly effective protein powders available for women. Of them, most are 'marketed' towards men. However, there is nothing in them that is harmful for women. Here are a few that work well with women.

To build muscle (lean, feminine muscle):

When looking to build and gain firm, attractive muscle, then choosing a 100% Whey protein powder or isolate that is used by both men and women is a great protein powder for women to use.

1. The Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder Used by many men and women alike. Has everything you need to support lean muscle growth and maintenance. This is many professionals number one recommendation to women!

2. Natural Factors 100% Whey Protein Powder - Unflavoured is an excellent choice for women concerned about added ingredients. This protein is very pure, and can easily be spiced up with whatever fresh goodies you would like!

3. Muscle Milk and Muscle Milk Light Protein Powder Not the best choice. Many women go for this protein because its directed towards women. However, you can save quite a bit of money and get better results with other brands as a whole.

Will Protein Make Women Muscular and Manish?

NO! Not at all!

In conjunction with exercise, protein supplementation can give women the slender curves and firmness that no other strategy can achieve.

You will not turn into she-man taking protein supplements. If that was the case, you would know a lot more hunky well-build men.

Additional Supplements EXCELLENT for women

These supplements are beneficial to any women pursuing that super-sexy in-shape look. Ladies, it can be done. I have seen countless girls completely transform their bodies and minds thanks to handwork, and the right diet.

CLA- Conjugated linoleic Acid.

What it Does- CLA aids in fatty acid metabolism. Pretty much, conjugated linoleic acid LOVES latching onto belly fat and putting it in the front of the metabolism line. Add CLA to any workout routine, and results will improve!

Multi-vitamin high in B-complexes

Importance- Taking a multivitamin is important for any women. However, when you add exercise to the equation, its a must. Unless you are eating multiple meals of fresh fruits and veggies every single day, go get a multi. the extra vitamin and mineral supplementation will make up for what you burn, what you need to build, and what your body needs to process.

What Protein Powder Do You LOVE Taking?

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