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What Are the Most Vital Wellness Health Checks?

Updated on December 12, 2012

It's not just an New Year resolution, or end of the year resolution. It's an "anytime" resolution when you feel the need to have them done at your health provider. Even if you feel fine with no real issues, a periodic check at least once a year is suggested. The vital checks are:

Eye Exams

Easy to ignore for years and changes in eyesight can be subtle and symptoms vague. Frequent headaches, red eyes, watery eyes could indicate a change in the eyesight that should be checked.You might be thinking you are seeing 20\20 until you actually see what 20\20 is at the exam (I was shocked). Blurry vision could also mean high blood pressure. The exam can also detect other more subtle diseases that have not reached the point of concern, yet. About 43 million of you already suffer from some sort of eye detriment.


Skin cancer is on the rise and more than others combined. Go to a dermatologist for the exam, where they look at suspicious skin conditions and moles. A biopsy may be taken. A self exam can note a change of color, size that sends you an alarm.

Heart Disease

Go get a blood test and make sure they test for LDL (bad cholesterol) and HDL (good) at least every five years. Make sure you fast for 9-12 hrs before going to the blood test. While you are there, go have your blood pressure taken.

Thyroid Disease

It's a small gland in your neck and when its irregular, many things start to happen- insomnia, fatigue, constipation, raise the risk for heart disease. Ask for a TSH text, which measures the level of thyroid hormones. Women are eight times more likely to have this than men. If detected early, it is treatable.


Another easy test from blood samples to detect types 1 or 2. Type 2 is prediabetic, which means the glucose level is high, but still OK, but you are more likely to become Type 1. The test is normal, check it every three years.

Bone Density

Do you have porous bones? If so, you have osteoporosis, a condition that 10 million people have. Women 65 and older should have a bone scan test done, men, age 70+, also. The scan test is easy and fast and non-invasive. If detected, medication can help and testing should be done every year or so.


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