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What Can You Expect with Your POWERbreathe Training Device?

Updated on August 2, 2016

POWERbreathe is an inspiratory muscle trainer. Eh?! What?!

Well, if you have a pair of lungs (or even only 1), are healthy, unhealthy, unfit, fit or very fit, this little gadget could help to improve your health. Here’s why.

We work the muscles in the body when we exercise or train so that they develop, get stronger, perform better and give more endurance. When we get out of breath our lungs (and hearts) develop too but that comes after we start exercising. What if you could turn that on its head – train the lungs first and make exercise easier?

POWERbreathe is like dumbbells for your lungs and works by making you breathe against resistance, forcing the muscles to improve. You increase the resistance as your ability and stamina improves.

The same is true for people with asthma, COPD and breathlessness caused by other conditions such as heart disease, cystic fibrosis and spinal injury. Improve the condition of the breathing muscles and this can improve your over all condition and health.

POWERbreathe comes in several models, according to your needs:

  • The Wellness model is for people with breathing conditions and seniors who want to try a drug-free way to improve their health.
  • The Fitness model is for people who take exercise or participate in sports, singers, actors and performers who need to project their voices, those who work in active, high-pressure environments such as the armed forces or fire service and those recovering from injury.
  • The Sports model is for competitive athletes, endurance athletes and also those working in active, high-pressure environments such as the armed forces or fire service.
  • Ironman and Irongirl models are for athletes in top physical condition who want to further up their game.
  • Read more detail about the POWERbreathe on

What can you expect from your POWERbreathe?

The device comes in a compact box and includes:

A protective pouch to keep it clean while not in use

Multi-lingual illustrated instructions on how to use it and about its component materials (the mouthpiece is latex free PVC)

A DVD movie with demonstrations and loads of useful information, including an interview with Professor Alison McConnell, a sports scientist at Brunel University whose research gave rise to the original POWERbreathe

Sterilising tablets suitable for keeping the POWERbreathe clean

An exercise DVD (with the Fitness Plus model) giving a short workout that can be done while using the device.

How it works.

Does the POWERbreathe work?

I’ve been using the Fitness Plus model for 2 weeks and have been writing a blog about my experience with it. So far my running time has reduced by more than 2 minutes and my ‘ease’ score – ie how easy the runs feel – have reduced by 1 point. You can read more via the link at the top of the page.

My conclusion so far is that ‘you get out what you put in’ – like so many things in life!


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