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What Causes Insomnia?

Updated on March 3, 2010
The cause of Insomnia can be a huge problem, simply because tehre are so many factors in teh modern world which can cause insomnia!
The cause of Insomnia can be a huge problem, simply because tehre are so many factors in teh modern world which can cause insomnia!

Introduction to the Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia is a major problem in today's world, affecting millions of people across the globe every single year.  The causes of insomnia can vary greatly from person to person, and many people find that insomnia treatment is a simple solution.

Insomnia comes in many forms, some people cannot get any sleep at all for sever days, other people still sleep a little, but can find that they have trouble with insomnia for years.  For some people insomnia can be a crippling problem, which effects not only their sleep, but their personal and working life as well.

What Causes Insomnia

So what causes of insomnia?

As mentioned, the cause of insomnia can vary widely from person to person, and fortunately many of the causes of insomnia can be treated. There tend to be two basic reasons for insomnia in any person, and it important to classify which you fall in to, ensuring you can be treated effectively.

Physical Causes of Insomnia

Physical insomnia is insomnia caused by physical affects, this can include persistant pain, change of metabolism, lack of exercise, a physical illness and injury. The physical causes of insomnia are particularly bad since they often cause issues while the insomnia sufferer is doing their day time activities, as well as while they try to sleep. The physical causes are often treated with pain killers, physiotherapy, or even just a decent exercise regime.

Mental Causes of Insomnia

The mental causes of insomnia have become more prevailant over hte last few decades, and can be caused by varying external affects, as well as internal problems. Mental insomnia can be caused by a deep set psychological problem, which can often manifest itself in teh form of nightmares and vivd dreams. In most cases however mental insomnia is caused by stress, worry, or even just too much thinking.

Mental causes of insomnia are much harder than physical causes to identify. Sometimes the insomnia sufferer is unwiling to admit to problems such as stress, viewing it as a weakness. Stress however can be a severely dibilitating condition, and is a common cause of insomnia.

One of the best treatments for mental condition is excercise.  By tiring the body with good, regular exercise it is possible to help reduce the effects of mental consitions on the ability to sleep. Insomnia can infact be cause simply by people having too much excess energy. other treatments include psychotherapy and medication.

Insomnia Causes for Different Types of Insomnia

There are four main types of insomnia, and each one tends to have different causes. When you are looking in to what causes insomnia your doctor will classify what kind of insomnia you have.

Transient Insomnia - Transient Insomnia comes from short term problems, such as a mental shock or a physical injury. Transient Insomnia lasts from a matter of days, to a few weeks.

Intermittent Transient Insomnia - Intermittent Transient Insomnia is very similar to the regular transient insomnia, yet it has a tendancy to re-occur. This is often caused by mental problems, such as stress in a job (especially in the financial and managerial sectors where you get regular financial end dates and so on) constant travel, and hormonal changes including the menopause.

Acute Insomnia - Acute insmoniia comes from large emotional stress or a large severe injury, such as a lost limb or a close relatives death. Acute insomnia

Chronic Insomnia - Chronic insomnia can come about from a variety of issues, most commonly those of accute insomnia. Chronic insomnia can be very harmful, and you must seek medical advice from your doctor.


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