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What Causes Migraines

Updated on January 26, 2010
Knowing what causes migraines can help you avoid them
Knowing what causes migraines can help you avoid them

Migraines are a problem for millions of Americans, and it can be useful to know what they are caused by in order to deal with them. Migraines can be caused by caffeine, along with several other common migraine triggers. Today I would like to go over some of the other causes of migraines, so that you will be able to be more informed, and plan your life so that you can avoid migraines. So let's discuss what causes migraines.

Stress is one of the most common causes of migraines. It is very important to avoid stress in one's life, because migraines can be caused by stress alone, and the less stress that you have in your life, the fewer migraines you will have in your life. Stress does not just mean mental or emotional stress. Physical stress, like not getting enough sleep, can also trigger migraines. So it is very important to stay away from any sort of thing that will give you stress.

If you are like me, you have often wondered what causes migraines. There are many causes to migraines, so let's keep looking.

Another big cause of migraines is smoking. If you are a smoker, or someone that you know is a smoker, then try to minimize your exposure to cigarette smoke. You should try to quit smoking if you're a smoker, because smoking can really increase the number and frequency of migraines that you suffer. I would recommend that you quit smoking as soon as possible, because nobody wants to have to deal with the problems of migraines.

Related to smoking is the use of alcohol. Alcohol can cause migraines and should be avoided. If you are a heavy drinker that suffers from migraines, then please realize that there is most likely a link between the two things. If you have troubles with quitting alcohol, then Alcoholics Anonymous may be the right decision for you.

Try to get a decent amount of sleep every night, and try to be consistent about your sleep schedule. An erratic sleep schedule is one of the big contributors to migraine headaches, because your body does not have time to maintain and heal itself. I would recommend setting a sleep schedule for yourself, and sticking to it, if you want to not have the problems that come with an irregular sleep schedule. If you have trouble sleeping, then I would recommend that you look into easy ways to fall asleep. If necessary, you can buy eye covers to help you sleep as well.

There are many things that can cause migraines, and if you know what causes migraines, then you can avoid some of the major migraine issues that affect so many people in their day to day lives.


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