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What Do YOU Think About Yourself?

Updated on January 27, 2015

A Photo to Build Your Confidence....

This photo quote is NOT my own work.  I do NOT own the rights to this quotation.  RAL
This photo quote is NOT my own work. I do NOT own the rights to this quotation. RAL | Source

What Do You Think About Yourself?

*Finding Happiness in Yourself

*Starting a List or Journal of the day

*How to Reflect on your Journal or List

*Finding Possibilities to Your Events or Lessons For the Day


Take a look in the mirror. Can you look at yourself and be happy about who you are? What could you change about yourself, in terms of how you are with others, or how you are with yourself, even? Is there a trait you feel you need to change? What must you do in order to be proud of the ways that person in that mirror thinks or acts? I would like to help you assist in making the first step into living your life in a positive manner. After all, the first and most important person that should matter in your key to happiness, is yourself, right? Below is the start of what I've learned in my life, in order to wake up each day with a positive attitude.

Starting a List or Journal

While looking at yourself and recalling what you say, do, or think about life in general, you will find that a piece of paper and a pen can go a long ways. Highlight anything you feel you've learned about your day, as well as any events that had either affected yourself or those around you. On a clean slate, try to write down some possible actions that could have been played during each event, while asking yourself these questions:

1. If I put myself in their shoes, how would I feel about this situation? What would I learn from it, if I were them?

2. What do you think the outcome would be on both ends if I chose each possible reaction to the event highlighted or listed?

3. Verify whether or not an apology is required. Sometimes, the outcome we have given is not the choice that YOU would even expect from someone else. Simply apologizing for your own mistakes shows the other party that you are responsible for your actions. It can also help you and your party drop the conflict, and carry on with a stronger sense of understanding with one another.

4. Find out the next best possible result to each possible reaction. By doing this, you can prepare yourself, in case this event happens again. If that fails, don't consider it a lost cause. Just write down a note of the outcome you've received, and try another one of your possibilities when it happens, once again.

When you do your best in determining what your possibilities are, you will find that understanding is the first key in providing happiness in the person you see in that mirror, looking back at you. You will start to feel that your life is based on the lessons you learn each day, and you will also start to realize that the next day is like a clean slate.

For me, writing a journal has helped me drop what has been conflicting me for the day, learn from any mistakes (and even positive outcomes to events!!!) made, and sleep without restlessness, each night.

Sometimes, if you write down what you plan on doing about your attempts to drop it for the next day, you also prepare yourself for any new concerns that happen. And by keeping these steps in hand, you can keep yourself positive to the saying: "Tomorrow is another day." And like a new day, it's good to start fresh as often as possible.

Good luck in finding your happiness in your own reflections,

Rachel Ann Luckow

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© 2015 Rachel Ann Luckow

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