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What Do You Do To Stay Positive in Life?

Updated on January 16, 2017
The world's problems divide us
The world's problems divide us

With the state of affairs that the world is in today, we must constantly find ways to to try and stay positive. A positive attitude can mean the difference between a happy life and a miserable one. From war and crime at home and abroad, to racial, social and political issues, the country is greatly divided. But what happens when that spirit of “divide” manages to spill into our own families and households? When this happens, it can cause members to be split on important issues of the day. But before allowing that to occur, by approaching the situation with a positive attitude,you can contribute to your own happiness and the happiness of others.

Don't let things heat up!
Don't let things heat up!

Handle Differences Tactfully

Because we’re a nation of opinionated people, it’s not unusual to find divisions within families and even members of the same household. People have many differing opinions on the problems that plague our society. More and more individuals are becoming passionate about voicing their opinions and beliefs. But just like the issues themselves can become heated, the disputes and disagreements over the issues can get just as hot.

In this volatile world that we live in today, we must learn how to handle disputes and differences of opinions in a tactful way. While there is definitely nothing wrong in sharing your thoughts and views on an issue, it is equally important to respect the feelings of others, including (or especially) your friends and loved ones.

Avoid Heated Disputes

Trying to maintain a positive frame of mind may not seem easy but it is definitely necessary. No matter how different a person’s viewpoint may be from your own, you cannot and should not begrudge them the right to think the way they do. If you find yourself in a conversation with someone that you can not extend that right to; it is best that you stop talking to them at that time.

Sometimes when you allow yourself to get caught up in a heated discussion, you cross an invisible line without realizing it. Before you know it, the heated discussion has becomes a heated dispute; something a lot more serious. If you haven’t been smart enough to withdraw yourself from the conversation by then, you might find yourself on the verge of losing a good friend or loved one.

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Photo Credit:

Learn to Walk Away

Learning to walk away and maintain a positive attitude requires getting used to asking yourself an important questio. “Is making my point on this issue more important than this person’s feelings or my relationship with them?” If the answer is “No” (and it usually is), then you should tactfully withdrawn from the conversation. You don’t need to be rude and literally walk away, but you do need to end the conversation if things are overheating and an argument is brewing.

The method of always asking yourself the above question will eventually become second nature to you. Ask yourself this question every single time that you’re confronted with an opportunity to assert your right, at the risk of losing a friend or loved one. Even if the worse case scenario is hurting their feelings and/or having them angry at you for a while. Being right, or just making a point shouldn’t be achieved at the expense of hurting someone’s feelings or worse.

Stay Positive

While the above points can help when it comes to trying to stay positive, one fact of life still exists. No matter how hard we try to safeguard the feelings of others, there will come a time when we rub someone the wrong way. What do you do when you have still managed to somehow offend a friend or loved one (or anyone for that matter)? All hope is not lost if you can continue to maintain a positive attitude.

Remember, there is a specific purpose in discontinuing a conversation that is heated and out of control. Your objective is to allow the situation and the tempers to die down. But once you’re able to speak to the person again, take the first opportunity possible to make sure things are okay with the two of you. Don’t allow a miscommunication OR lack of communication to create a rift that might not otherwise exist. Notice this point taken from the book:

How to Be Happy Without Hardly Trying (A Self-help Guide on Positive Thinking)”

(New 2017 Book Cover)
(New 2017 Book Cover)

Do You Alienate the People You Love? (BOOK EXCERPT)

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard sometimes to get along with the people you love the most? So often in life, we have a tendency to alienate the people we love and those who love us. I bet you thought it was just you! Nope, you’re not the only one that is prone to doing stupid stuff.

The fact of the matter is, it is common to human beings in general, to alienate themselves without even trying. Not only do we push people away with undesirable behavior, but we push people away when we don’t seem to care. The only problem is, the further away they get from us, the harder it is to get close again. By the time you figure out that something is wrong, it is usually too late to do anything about it.

The best way to prevent yourself from alienating the ones you love is to keep the lines of communication open. When there is a regular dialogue and constant communication, there is very little room left for alienation.


How to Call it Quits and Move On! (The SMART Self-help Relationship Breakup Guide)
How to Call it Quits and Move On! (The SMART Self-help Relationship Breakup Guide)

Romantic relationships can be really hard to untangle yourself from, especially when you’ve been in one for a long time. You may find that no matter how bad things seem to get, it can still be hard to call it quits and move on.

When to Give Up on a Toxic Friendship:  A Self-help Guide
When to Give Up on a Toxic Friendship: A Self-help Guide

Everyone everywhere usually has at least one friendship that they really care about safeguarding. This is true, no matter what age, what gender, and what nationality we are. But what happens when the friend (or friends) that we spend time trying to please, are people who are not really healthy for us?


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    • charm_baker profile image

      Charm Baker 10 months ago from Los Angeles, California

      Sounds like you do a good purging. I can definitely relate to that. I think that's what I did with my newest novel, although that wasn't the plan from the beginning. I started off writing a book and it ended up writing me :-) Thanks for your comments.

    • profile image

      Analee123analee 10 months ago

      I think about my greatest regrets and accept them, for they have created the person I am. I think about my saddest experiences and cry. I let it out. I scream until I lose my voice, I run until I break down and fall. I let all of my sadness out, so now only happy thoughts are there to remain.