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Something Essential Doctors Don't Tell You

Updated on November 8, 2010

In The Silence Within Us

Is the Power o Be the Masters of Our Minds
Is the Power o Be the Masters of Our Minds

Our Thoughts Have Great Power

We’ve Got “It,” But Doctors Either Don’t Know, Or Don’t Want Us To Know

What Doctors Don't Tell You is an online, and hardcover, journal that uncovers the hard-to-get facts about health and the causes of illness.

There’s a blog on that site called Mind Medicine that offers real scientific evidence that thought heals, and kills. I suggest you read it, especially if you haven’t yet made a cloud disappear. If you want real proof that won’t take years of study and years of waiting for research results that cost tons of money, of the extraordinary power of our marvelous mind, I strongly suggest that you read this short article and find a cute, little cumulus cloud floating in a beautiful blue sky and make it disappear. It won’t make a believer out of you, it’ll make you a knower of the amazing power of your mind.

Science Moves Too Slowly To Protect Us In Our Fast-paced World

If I had to wait for the results of studies to tell me that our thoughts have healing power, Nancy, who I helped to heal herself of terminal cancer,would have been dead thirty years ago, and I would be in a wheel chair unable to walk because of arthritic knees. Science is too slow, and we just can’t afford to wait for it to catch up to what we already know, because our world is moving much too fast. Verification of what we know comes from results. That’s what we want, right? Results. The problem is that we been programmed by science over two thousand years or more to believe that only science can give us those results. Not true. Not true at all. We already have within our minds a built in “truth detector” that can lead us quickly, and unerringly to the truth, to fact, to results we need now to save and protect our lives.

We Are Like Absent-Minded Professors

Our minds have been evolving along with our world, and we have every mental ability we need to survive and thrive, but we have to learn how to use them. Protecting ourselves from disease or healing illness are just two of the many abilities we have hidden in our mind behind all the unnecessary thought that’s roaming around in our heads. With all the static caused by those thoughts, most of them fearful, it’s almost impossible to be aware of the abilities we have. You see, over the last thousand years or so, we’ve been accidentally programmed by the ever increasing influence of science, and the scientific method, to believe that our thinking brain is the only one we have; so, we over think almost everything. We’ve all heard about the absent-minded professor who knows everything there is to know about the subject he teaches but can’t remember how to tie his shoes or boil an egg. Absent-minded is a perfect description. His mind, the most important part that is, isn’t there. It’s gone. It’s missing. We actually are all absent-minded, because the really important part of our mind, our creative, intuitive mind is buried beneath all the head noise, the junk thought in our heads. Just like the absent-minded professor who has a head full of facts, we have a head full of junk thoughts, and most of them are fearful or just plain distracting.

Why Did The Rutgers Student Commit Suicide?

Our thinking brain was never meant to solve our personal and interpersonal problems. Why did the Rutgers student kill himself? Because he didn’t “see” any way out of the terrible predicament he was in, except to take his life so that he didn’t have to face it. He didn’t see a way out, because his mind was so full of fearful, degrading thoughts that his creative mind, the part of his mind that had his answers, couldn’t get through to him so that he could see them. Most of us live this way every day. Our thinking brain has only old knowledge that does not apply to solving new problems.

If the Rutgers student could have seen clearly, he would have known that his sexual orientation was only a part of who he was. He would have seen how valuable the whole of him really was and how much support he would have from those that loved him. Instead, the fear of disgrace overwhelmed him as he most probably visualized his family and friends turning away from him in disgust. The life-long conditioning of our society against homosexuality was as much a part of his subconscious programming as anyone’s. His powerful subconscious took over, dumping all of those fearful thoughts into his mind, and blocking his creative mind from giving him the true picture. All that he could see was that he had to escape what he felt would be the unbearable outcome.

One Simple Step To Mind Mastery

We started this post by saying that we have a powerful mind. Yes, we do, but that power is neutral, and it can heal or it can kill depending on how it is directed, and we are the directors. Unfortunately for most of us, our conscious mind will be directed by our subconscious unless we learn how to take control and become the masters of our minds. We can do this, and it is not complex nor difficult. There is one simple step that will carry us across the threshold of blindness and into the light of understanding and freedom. That simple step is free here on this site.

©2010, sgscalese


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