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What Does Acupressure Do For Weight Loss?

Updated on June 7, 2012

In a world infested with goods and services that are meant to provide every comfort imaginable to mankind, problems relating to weight-gain are but natural. As we seek help to loose extra weight, we are offered a variety of solutions in the market, but not all of them work for all of us. One of the solutions provided, is that with the help of Acupressure.

The use of Pressure Points to treat some condition is known as Acupressure. This involves releasing Pressure on certain points on the body. Acupressure can help release Chi blocks and bring back the optimum functioning in the body.

How does Acupressure help in Weight-loss?

Some of these Acupressure Procedures can be used for appetite control and to regulate the metabolism. The first step is to learn the location of these pressure points and then apply steady pressure to the same for about a minute. Several such points are located on the fingers, wrists, hands and ears.

The appetite control points in the ear can help avoid the problem of over-eating. Some pressure points like SP 6 can help strengthen the digestive system. SP 9 can aid in regulating the body’s water metabolism. ST 40 helps in clearing excess heat and moisture from the body along with regulation of the intestinal activities, LI 11 helps in getting rid of excess moisture and phlegm.

Acupressure can help to stop the inactivity of Chi in the body. It can help people who suffer from an emotional eating problem

Steps involved in using Acupressure for Weight-Loss:

Step 1 Acquire a ‘Reflexology Map’. It details the location of pressure points on the human body.

Step 2 Study the Map to find specific pressure points that pertain to kidney, large intestine, water retention and the stomach.

Step 3 Study literatures that explains specifically the location and stimulation of pressure points that can be used to loose weight.

Step 4 After gaining a thorough understanding of these points try to evaluate the key points for your specific interest and focus harder on those.

While Stimulating these Pressure Points following Points are to be remembered:

  • Do not Rush. Massage tenderly and slowly. Feel the sensations.
  • You might come across painful points. Use the Reflexology Map to find out the organs they pertain to.
  • The Points are to be pressed gently for 30-60 seconds and then released.


Acupressure is no doubt an endowment to those who want to get rid of the extra weight. However it can’t be expected to work on its own without the support of the required diet and lifestyles changes as suggested by the doctor. Acupressure is effective only when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and a well-formulated exercise plan. When used correctly, Acupressure can hence be very effective as a catalyst to speed up the weight loss process.



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