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What Does It Mean If You Dream of a Spider?

Updated on July 14, 2019

Symbolism of The Spider

From a psychological perspective, to dream of spiders means the dreamer is being controlled by someone in their waking life. Spiders are sneaky ones, they manipulate their prey into their web. Spider dreams can represent a feeling of being trapped in a clingy relationship. It can also symbolize a controlling force as if someone is sucking the life right out of you. The spider can also represent mystery, growth, and power. It may symbolize the dark aspect of your personality.

Tribal Meanings

In other cultures throughout history, the spider has been represented as a variety of things. Some people depict spiders as a curse because of the ability to cause slow and painful deaths with its toxic venom. The spider is not always perceived as a bad omen. In some cultures, they believe the spider to represent patience and persistence due to its unique hunting technique of spinning webs and waiting for their prey to get trapped.

In Lakota mythology, Iktomi is a spider trickster spirit and a hero of the Lakota people. They believe any warrior adorned with a spider symbol is untouchable and indestructible. They are the strongest of all warriors unable to lose battles.

In Ancient Egypt, the spider is associated with the goddess Neith. She is known as the weaver of destiny. In ancient Greece, the spider comes from the weaving competition between Athena the goddess, and Arachne the princess. Arachne's father's skill with cloth was dying. She became adept at the art of weaving. She thought of herself as superior in weaving. She even considered herself better than Athena. Arachne challenged Athena to a weaving contest to prove her skill.

In Africa, the spider is known as a trickster in many folklore. There are many names used to describe this trickster, Kwaku Ananse of the Ashanti and anglicized as Aunt Nancy in the west indies.

In Oceania, spiders are associated with a sacred rock in central Arnhem Land on the Burnungku clan estate of the Rembarrnga/Kyne people. A spider totem is often used in their rituals.

What Does it Mean to Dream of a Spider?

Killing a spider: If you are scared of spiders in your waking life, they will often represent something which you are terrified in your subconsciousness. To kill a spider in your dreams means you will be able to work yourself through the feeling of being trapped. If you kill multiple spiders you are likely to walk in a difficult situation, but you will overcome it and be stronger for it.

Bitten by a spider: To dream that you are bitten by a spider represents a conflict with your mother and other female figures in your life. Maybe you had a bad relationship with your mother or sister growing up. You might have some marital issues to resolve or a female co-worker is trying to get you fired.

Chased by a spider: To dream you are being chased by a spider means you want to escape or run away from the dominant female figures in your life. Being chased by a spider also indicated that you need to act mature and stop behaving innocently.

Scared of a spider: A dream in which you are scared of a spider indicated that you will get hurt by a situation in your life.

Eating a spider: Eating a spider in your dream or just having a spider inside of your mouth means that you are able to control the situation. You are dominant in your life and can take on whatever it throws your way.

Baby spiders: If you see baby spiders in your dream, it is a symbolize a new beginning.

Tarantula: To dream of a tarantula may symbolize the dark side of your personality. Possibly predicting poor health or a disappointing love affair. Someone in your waking life may be sneaky and cruel.

You are the only one who can spin your web.

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