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What Does it Take to Remain Clean And Sober ?

Updated on June 23, 2014

The Road To Recovery

What does it take to remain clean and sober an alcoholic or drug addict might ask themselves.

What I have found that helped me get on the road of recovery, and start living a life of sobriety was, strength, determination and the willingness to do what it takes to remain clean and sober.

My first step was to finally admit that I had a drinking problem and my drinking was getting way out of hand. For any of you that do have this same problem you first have to admit there is a problem and not look away thinking you are fine and just enjoying a few drinks.

Anyone that abuses alcohol as I did must know deep down inside that you are an alcoholic. It took me many years of people telling me, preaching to me and throwing my addiction in my face saying I had a drinking problem and I'd better slow down or better yet just stop drinking alcohol all together.

Back then people could talk to me till they were blue in the face and I still didn't listen because I lived in my own little world of denial. It was many years later when I saw that my life was going nowhere anytime soon, in fact, I was heading right down to rock bottom in a tail spin. It was time to change everything in my life.

God Helped Me Find The Strength



If you have become sober has it been hard to stay sober for you?

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So What Does It Really Take?

What it takes is the will and the want to be sober once more in your life. To be able to say goodbye to the demons that ran and ruined your life. Our demons, in time will make you loss everything you have.

Your family, your jobs, your friends and possibly your life if you don't surrender to the demons of alcohol. They are in your body, and your mind and you are the only one that make them go away once and for all.

I know it is hard to let go of something like alcohol that has been in your life, and part of your life for so many years. Believe me I went through it too and it was very hard to say goodbye to my love of alcohol.

Trust me, you may love and adore alcohol, but do you really think alcohol gives a crap about you? The demons inside you have one job to do and that is to get you filthy drunk, ruin your life, and all those lives you share, and in the end they will kill you without blinking an eye.

There is one way to stop all of that from happening, and that is to stop drinking alcohol and start living a clean and sober life.

If you have the determination and the will to get and stay sober you have taken that first step toward sobriety. Without the pure determination and the willingness to change your life sobriety will not come into your life. It won't come to you, you have to go after it and do anything it takes to surrender to your demons.

If you think you need help to get and stay sober, check into an Rehab. Center were you can be cared for the proper way and be under the care of Professionals that are educated in this problem we all have.

Make up your mind and get yourself sober. Minutes are passing by in your life, and remember we all have only one life so make it count as I did.

The Joy Of Sobriety

Times like this is worth all the hard work to remain sober and enjoy what life has to offer to us.
Times like this is worth all the hard work to remain sober and enjoy what life has to offer to us. | Source

What a Beautiful Life We Have

June 23, 2014 Sunset over the Bay where I live.Just one more thing to cherish living that life of sobriety.
June 23, 2014 Sunset over the Bay where I live.Just one more thing to cherish living that life of sobriety. | Source

Here It Is In A Nutshell

If you know you have a problem with your drinking and want to get sober and remain sober here is everything I learned in a nutshell from my experience of drinking and abusing alcohol to being clean and sober for almost 5 years now.

  • Think and act positive at all times and continue to tell yourself that you can and will beat this addiction to alcohol you have.
  • If that urge to drink comes over you admittedly think of what your life was like while you where an alcoholic and abusing the drink.
  • Remember all the times you and your spouse, children, parents and friends got into arguments and fights because of your actions and your drinking.
  • If ever that urge comes on and the demons are knocking at your door to start drinking again, think real hard of what you are about to do to your life, and all those people that are in your life as well.

There is nothing in the world that should make you start drinking again when you are in recovery and living a life of sobriety. There is nothing that bad in life that you can't fix being sober.

Keep telling yourself you can remain clean and sober, and never let anyone or anything stand in your way of remaining clean and sober, no matter what happens in your life.

Drinking alcohol will never ever fix anything in your life. I shouldn't have to tell you that because I am sure you have gone through what I have thinking alcohol fixes everything. Alcohol fixes NOTHING, it only makes matters worse than they are!!


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