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What I do when I need extra energy that just might work for you

Updated on August 9, 2011
Appreicating Nature Energizes.
Appreicating Nature Energizes.

How to Get More Energy

Energy is a desired commodity in the lives we live where there is more to do than we have time to accomplish. There are however things you can do to give you the energy to maximize your day and have what you need to feel like doing the things that must get done.

1. ADD A LITTLE ZEN. Our environment effects our energy level. We live in a society where it’s easy to collect stuff. Then the problem occurs as to where to put all the stuff we collect. Removing clutter in your life will add to your energy level. Check out your workspace. Are papers scattered about in no common direction instead of neatly stacked in trays? Do you look for a ink pen and cannot find one because every time you use one you lay it down wherever you are because you have no destination where your writing ware belong?

2. SLOW DOWN. In our haste to accomplish much, sitting and eating a home cooked meal properly falls to the back burner. We eat too fast and we eat too much. Meal planning will reduce this trend. Planning small snacks to stave away hunger between meals well help give you the boost you need of energy. If you, however gobble down large meals three times a day, your energy will be depleted as your body tries to digest. Many dietary experts suggest eating small meals, and eating more often. The average is every 3 to 4 hours. So if you have a boiled egg, toast, juice and coffee for breakfast, three hours later you may want to snack on a handful of almonds with a glass of water. Then two hours later have your turkey sandwich with baby carrots for lunch. You see the rhythm here? Small healthy meals and snacks more often increases your energy.

3. WALK ON SUNSHINE. Our bodies need the sunshine. We need natural light even an overcast sky provides what the human body needs. So go outside. Take a 15 minutes walk a day in the great outdoors during daylight hours and this will give you energy. When daylight hits your eyes it tells your brain set your internal clock to wake up for the day. So wake up and instead of running to the coffee pot, take a brief walk. The exercise combined with the sunlight will give you just the energy you need to start your day well.

4. BAD ASSOCIATION SPOILS USEFUL HABITS. Association effects your energy level as those who hang with negative talk can bring you down. High maintenance friends, family and workmates cause frustration an you to loose focus on what you need to accomplish. Keep busy! When those trouble makers come to you let them know your time is short as you have to finish this project or your on your way out the door. Definitely be nice about it but enough brush offs will get the point across.

5. TURN IT OFF. In this age of electronics we are tapped into everyone 24 hours a day. But do you really need to be? We start our day on an average an hour checking and responding to our e-mails. Our phones beep notifying of an text and we instantly want to know who it is. Stop! I know your voice mail light just came on but finish reading my article first before you get it. Don’t get me wrong, our brains are made to multi-task. But this does cause a mental and physical drag on ones emotions. Checking text once an hour can be sufficient. It may even be necessary to just turn off the phones for an hour when you come home from work and just relax. Have a no phone rule during the family dinner. When you stop what you’re doing to answer every ding and blinking light, you stop your minds focus, become less productive and steal energy from your task at hand.

Quality of life can only be had when you live a balanced life. With balance one stays energized throughout the day.


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