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What I have learned about weight control

Updated on May 6, 2011


Many years ago, I was trained as a Teacher of Physical Education and was taught in the most clear terms what the body was, what it could do and what it needed to function effectively and efficiently. That training stood me in good stead and over the years has assisted me in developing and aiding all types of person.

However, as a Physical Educationalist, I have viewed with horror, what I can term only. as a Modern Plague running riot through vast areas of the planet. I refer to obesity.

My Learning.

I apologise in advance if this appears too simple to be true but I assure all that whilst it is simple, my experience teaches me too many today do not comprehend it at all. I exclude from that those who have weight problems caused by a medical condition. My own son fell victim in New Zealand at 19 to a virus that was not diagnosed as having affected his Thyroid Glands for 25 years. During that time, he has had to really battle with weight and caused us real concern for we knew he was obeying the key principles that I  had learned and he had been brought up to follow.

Simply put, I was taught to think of the body as a car. A car needs fuel to go at all. Abit of fuel will take it a short distance, a full take longer route. Then, too much fuel and it just spills from the tank and is of no use to the car.

So with the body. Fuel,i.e, food and drink are essential to life. Too little and the body does not function effectively, too much and we get, not spillage but fat. Now in case of famine fat comes in useful but in the main world we are removed from that. Our "plague" is to see more and more obese of all ages. Remember, I do exempt the medically affected from these areas for they need professional assistance beyond my qualifications.


I  have yet to see anyone of either sex who ate sensibly and undertook sensible exercise become obese or even heavy, unless there was a medical condition.

Thus it follows: 1. Eat Sensibly. 2. Exercise in proportion to what you eat. Now clearly that is too simplistic for some but in all truth it is the whole picture. People spend fortunes on all sorts of systems designed to assist both areas. I am certain that between 12 and 30 minutes sensible activity will enable most to get the exercise they wish. My regime is either 30 minutes swimming or 30 minutes at 6km on the treadmill. That equates to what MY body needs to keep right stable.

Eating? You cannot turn round these days for people giving advice either free or at a large cost. The link below will help some but you can always follow your own thoughts and the scales will be your daily barometer. So, as you see ,for me, the whole modern plague is something that is easy to tackle in the main. The big question is why do individuals not take it on board. Answers, if you have any ,much appreciated.



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