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What Is A Chemical Pregnancy

Updated on November 9, 2017



A chemical pregnancy is classified as a very early miscarriage.It most commonly occur's before the woman is at 6 weeks gestation. Many people mistake a chemical pregnancy for a false pregnancy or a false positive pregnancy test. There is actually no such thing as a false positive. Pregnancy tests develop a line in the test area when there is HCG in the urine. The only time there could be a false positive is when it turns out to be a evaporation line. An evaporation line is when the urine and dye settle in the line area of the test when it is going across. The evap line usually doesn't have color to it, it is more of a gray color than blue or red.

It is often referred to as "nature's cruel joke".This is because a woman will see a faint line on their pregnancy test. But they begin bleeding around the time they would normally begin to menstrate. This often leaves a woman confused, upset or even sad.

Signs Of Chemical Pregnancy

The signs/symptoms for a chemical pregnancy and a regular pregnancy are about the same. Although, chemical pregnancies seem to be more intense when it comes to symptoms. The only way to tell for sure it was a chemical pregnancy is having a faint positive pregnancy test.

And beginning to bleed around the normal time of menstruation. If you were to take a pregnancy test after you begin bleeding, then it would show up as negative. This is because with a chemical pregnancy, the egg is trying to attach to the uterine wall and it does just enough for the pregnancy test to become positive. BUT, sometime after the bleeding will begin.

Here are the signs that accompany a chemical pregnancy:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Sore & Tender Breasts
  3. Irritability
  4. Increased Urination
  5. Cravings
  6. Faint positive pregnancy test
  7. Bleeding after positive test result



Up until recently the cause for Chemical Pregnancies was unknown. Only that it is the same as an early miscarriage which occurs during weeks 2-4 of gestation.

But now they feel that the causes for miscarriages in general are all the same. But their is a known cause for a woman to suffer from repeated chemical pregnancies.

Progesterone is a hormone that is needed for a pregnancy to continue. It is completely possible that women may be suffering from recurring chemical pregnancies due to a Progesterone Deficiency.

Progesterone can be found in cream and supplement form.

Dealing With The Loss

If you have suffered from a chemical pregnancy, then I am so sorry for your loss. A chemical pregnancy can leave you just as emotionally drained as a regular pregnancy. The only difference is that you were as far along in the pregnancy, and you didn't have much time to get used to the feeling of being pregnant in the first place.

Just like with any other loss, you need to grieve. It is perfectly normal to. Depending on whether you and your partner were trying to conceive, does not change the fact that you should have an equal amount of time to be in mourning for your child.

Dont let people's comment's upset you. If they have not dealt with it themselves, they will have a habit of trying to make you feel better with words that may actually make you feel alot worse. Telling someone "At least you weren't that far along" does not make you feel any better. Just let them know that you are grieving for your child. No matter how small him or her was, he/she was still your child and to please respect you at this time.

Facts About Chemical Pregnancy

  • 70% of miscarriages are Chemical Pregnancies
  • Taking another pregnancy test later on usually comes up Negative
  • Pregnancy loss is seen before the next cycle is missed
  • Elevated HCG levels in the blood is the only way to diagnose a chemical pregnancy
  • It is impossible to diagnose a chemical pregnancy with an ultrasound
  • Pregnancy loss happens before the fetal heart rate can even begin.
  • Because of the highly sensitive pregnancy tests on the market, many women are getting faint positive's and celebrating their pregnancy.Only to start grieving within the next few days.

An example of a faint positive that you will see on a pregnancy test when it is a chemical pregnancy.
An example of a faint positive that you will see on a pregnancy test when it is a chemical pregnancy.


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