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What Is Argan Oil - Benefits of Argan Oil

Updated on July 23, 2013
Argan Tree Near Tafraoute
Argan Tree Near Tafraoute | Source

What Is Argan Oil

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the Moroccan Argan tree (Argania spinosa). This tree has supported Moroccan communities, including livestock for centuries. The Berber community in Morocco know this tree as "tree of life".

Every part of the Argan tree is used to support communities in the arid conditions of Morocco; sheep, goats and camels fed off the leaves and fruit, humans consume the oil (made from Argan kernels) and have a fuel source from the nut shells.

The Berber communities have used this oil to use on their skin, hair and nails to help nourish and protect them from the harsh conditions they live in.

In the western world, Argan oil is becoming increasing popular as it has high concentrations of Vitamin E. The majority of the oil (around %80) is fatty acids making it a great healer for skin conditions.

The traditional Berber women undertook a very laborious task in obtaining the Argan oil for their own uses.The process included collecting the seeds and pressing them by hand, this would take between 12-20hrs to produce just 1 liter of oil. Although this takes a long time to produce the final product will keep well for up to 6 months due to levels of vitamin E and the stability of the oxidization.

Kernels can keep for 20 years, just as long as they are not opened.

Traditional Argan Oil Production
Traditional Argan Oil Production | Source

What Are The Benefits of Argan Oil

The benefits of Argan Oil covers many areas; the skin, face and hair just to name a few. The reason Argan is great for humans is that it contains rare plant sterols (schottenol and spinasterol).

Sterols of plants are called phytosterols and it has been said that in general they reduce inflammation and impede the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines.

It is also said that phytosterols shows to contain anti-cancer properties.

Here are some great benefits of consuming Argan Oil:

  • Helping the digestive system through the increase of pepsin in the gastric system.
  • Flavonoids contained in Argan Oil act as a natural anti-inflammatory. This will help both internally and externally.
  • Beneficial for rheumatic and arthritic conditions.
  • Lowering cholesterol levels
  • Stimulating circulation
  • Strengthening our body`s natural immune system
  • Soothe skin ailments such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and chickenpox.
  • Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Traditionally Argan oil is also reputed to have aphrodisiac and tonic properties.

Video Of Argan Oil Being Produced

Argan Oil - Great for dry, frizzy and damaged hair
Argan Oil - Great for dry, frizzy and damaged hair | Source

Argan Oil for Hair

Professional hair stylists know the benefits Argan oil can give to hair. Salon professionals have been using Argan oil for a good few years now as it's a great way to naturally protect hair.

Due to the good amount of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids in the oil, it plays a big part in giving moisture thus treating frizzy and dry hair. These essential ingredients also means the oil can be absorbed into the hair and scalp easily.

Argan Oil also acts as a very good UV protector, thus improving the strength of hair, making it far more capable of enduring any weather and the possible exposure to any unnatural chemicals which may be used in future hair treatments or colors.

If you use too many chemicals it will over time dry out any nutrients you have in your hair and will result in dry and frizzy hair. This is also true for over exposure to the sun and over use of hair dryers and straightening irons. Argan oil will restore the shine and beauty of your hair.

Argan will revitalizes and renew the hair's cell structure and works with all hair types. This oil works with all hair types. Whatever your hair type; thick and unmanageable hair , or frizzy and annoying hair, Argan oil will make your hair softer, less frizzy and more manageable.

It works like a conditioner providing the moisture, shine and softness you want from healthy hair.

The natural oil can also stimulate the scalp. This means better hair growth.

Argan Oil for Use on Face and Body
Argan Oil for Use on Face and Body | Source

Argan Oil for Skin and Face

Argan oil has many benefits when it comes to our skin. This is due to the high concentration of fatty acids, polyphenoles and antioxidants. The oil is best known to treat acne, eczema and psoriasis but is currently making waves in slowing and even stopping the signs of aging.

One of the main reasons why there is such a demand of late is due to it's anti-aging and restorative properties. Argan oil can get rid of wrinkles by combating the free radicals and oxidization process which causes the skin to age. It will enable to skin to be fresher, softer and bring moisture to the skin more than any other cosmetic products.

Due to it's anti-inflammatory properties, Argan oil has the ability to reduce and banish stretch marks. Brilliant news for pregnant women.

When you apply a regular amount of the oil to the area of the skin you wish to improve, you will eventually see great improvements, not only this but you will look and feel better and healthier.

Benefits of Argan Oil for the Skin:

  • Helps to combat oily skin as well as dry skin
  • Reduce stretch marks during pregnancy.
  • Protect skin from premature aging and wrinkles.
  • Natural remedy for dry skin and keeping your skin toned and feeling fresh, due to proteins improving the skins bonding structures and elasticity.
  • Triggered by eczema, Argan oil can heal marks produced by scratching.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties helps skin conditions such as chickenpox, acne and psoriasis.
  • Helps reduce and sooth joint pain caused by arthritis.

You don’t have put much oil onto your skin to moisturize. If you looking for a night time moisturizer then a few drops will do the job

Argan Oil for use in Cooking
Argan Oil for use in Cooking | Source

Argan Oil In Cooking

Previously I have been writing about Argan oil in terms of cosmetics, which is golden yellow in color and silky smooth.

But in terms of cooking, Argan oil is toasted before the bottling process and therefore has a deep, nutty flavor which is similar to hazelnut oil.

In the cooking process, Argan oil is not very good under heat so it's never used as a "cooking oil" but more of a finisher. It's best drizzled over dishes at the end to enhance flavor.

Argan oil is similar to olive oil in terms of their fat content and the purpose to which we will use it.

So it’s a little misleading to call it a “cooking oil” as you won't technically cook with it but more add to dishes at the end, although the oil may be used in a pan of fried eggs or vegetables to sauté for depth of flavor.

Compared to olive oil and other cooking oils Argan oil is expensive, but you only need a few drops. Commercial Argan oil is more expensive than olive oils.

The Argan tree however lives longer than the Olive tree and requires no cultivation.

Due its natural and nutritional properties, many people use the as part of their healthy diet.

It's great to effectively regulate cholesterol levels and the anti- inflammatory components show great developments in preventing and stabilizing cardiovascular and cholesterol problems.


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      Mazlan 3 years ago from Malaysia

      OK, I must give this Argan Oil a try. My scalp needs all the help for better hair growth :)