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What Is Cyber therapy or Cybertherapy Technology and Its Benefits?

Updated on April 19, 2015

What is Cyber Therapy?

What is Cyber therapy.

The term Cybertherapy is a combination of two words; “Cyber” and “Therapy”. Literarily speaking, the word “cyber” is defined in the Barron's Marketing Dictionary as under:-


Prefix, derived from cybernetics, used to describe the entire range of things made available through the use of a computer. For example: cyberphobia is an irrational fear of computers, cyberspace is the virtual (nonphysical) space created by computer systems, and cybernation is the use of computers to carry out and maintain operations such as in manufacturing.

Whereas ‘therapy’ is a noun meant for an act of caring for someone (as by medication or remedial training etc.); "He is undergoing treatment for a knee injury"; "he tried every treatment the doctors suggested"; "heat therapy gave the best relief".

The above definitions make it abundantly clear that cyber therapy is in fact a therapy (medical treatment) of a patient suffering from mental or physical disabilities and this treatment is carried out through facilities made available by internet e.g. email, audio/video conferencing etc.

The internet has turned the world into a global village. Positive impact of its development can be seen in medical science also. Now it is possible for a specialist doctor to reach a patient living thousands miles away. He can treat the patient by knowing symptoms of the disease. In other words, through cyber therapy, a physical or mental health professional utilizes new forms of communication, made available by computer and internet; to offer services to the patients living far away from him.

Experience shows that cybertherapy is suitable only for therapists who have attained expertise and command in the use of the medium of internet i.e. emailing, audio/video conferencing etc. Patients who are well conversant with this cyber technology can avail the maximum benefits of cyber therapy.

Types of cyber therapy:-

1. Email cyber therapy:-

In this type of cyber therapy communication between the doctor and clients/patients is being made via email. Patient informs the doctor about his mental and physical conditions and after getting more information, as required by the Doctor, he renders his advise. The doctor can examine the x-rays and other medical tests of the patient, sent to him through email attachment. This is done after exchange of emails and careful study by the health specialist. He finally forms an opinion and suggests the treatment of the disease.

2. Video cyber therapy:-

This is a more sophisticated method of cybertherapy. In this type of cybertherapy the patient and Doctors engage in a video conferencing through internet. Through this technique, face-to-face interaction of patient and doctor is made possible. This is more cost to traditional therapy. The health specialists after knowing the symptoms of the disease suggest the necessary treatment.

3. Avatar based cybertherapy:-

This facility can be used through a second life software known as Massive Multi player Online Environment. This type of cybertherapy offers a comparatively technique of interaction between patient and a therapist. Since current communication in second life is limited to typed chat conferences, voice chat is expected to be provided in near future.

Benefits of cybertherapy:-

This type of therapy is beneficial for health specialist and patient alike. On the one hand the services are made available to a patient without spending lots of money on travelling and on the other hand it helps the health specialists to generate handsome earnings. In certain cases it is not possible for the patients to travel long distances. For example, a patient Hence thanks to the advent of cybertherapy, such patients are now able to get treatment from the highly qualified specialists. As the number of internet users is consistently growing, there is an increasing need of newly trained and experienced therapists in this field.


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