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What Is Osolean, A Simple Review

Updated on August 1, 2012

My Weigh Loss With Osolean

Osolean Podwer

Start Using Osolean and Have The Body You Deserve.
Start Using Osolean and Have The Body You Deserve.

Independent Mannatech Associate

What Is Osolean™

A review of Osolean® Powder, an advanced peptide supplement will show you that it is an incredible fat loss supplement. Osolean® has its origins in whey, a by product of the cheese industry, but that is where it's similarities end. Osolean™ Powder is not just a whey protein supplement, it is actually a scientifically advanced peptide technology. It is the first and only fat loss product of its kind and it is not found in stores.

Mannatech®, the manufactures of this incredible whey protein peptide technology focused on the benefits of very specific peptides who's function is to burn unwanted fat, quickly.

These fat destroying peptides are separated from the whey protein and then concentrated to give you more fat burning potential.

See The Proof

You can burn fat up to twice as fast by simply...

  1. Adding Osolean™ to your weight loss regimen. (This statement is backed by 2 double blind placebo studies and one open label study).
  2. Reducing your caloric intake by just 500 calories a day. That's easy simply cut out soft drinks.

The Whey Protein Found In Osolean™

is the most easily absorbed form of protein. Osolean™ Powder also contains three specific amino acids that help promote better muscle retention by converting the protein found in Osolean™ into muscle. This is a very important aspect if you want to manage your BMI long term.

Like ice cream and cheese, this product is made from specific parts or components of milk. In particularly Osolean™ is made from certain whey protein isolates. These particular isolates or peptides are concentrated into a powder that is easily mixed with your favorite drink or sprinkled over food.

Whey is a high quality protein derived during the production of cheese from cows milk. Though milk is mostly water, it has 2 proteins that make up the "milk solids". One being Casein the other Whey.

Casein as well as lactose can be a problem for some people. The good news is the whey is separated from the casein during the cheese making process.

Osolean™ is made from this whey protein isolate, which has very little fat and lactose and has no Casein. Making this a safe weight loss supplement for those who do not tolerate casein or lactose well.

Why Is Whey Important

Whey protein is considered to be one of the most complete and readily bio available protein sources available. Whey protein has all of the essential amino acids and is also the richest known source of the naturally occurring essential branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine). All of which are present in Osoelan™.

These amino acids are essential (meaning you must get them from a food or supplement source) and they are vital for the production, repair and maintenance of lean muscle.

Lean muscle not only provides us with the ability to move but also burns calories from the foods we eat as well as the calories from the fats we store. Lean muscle is also responsible for giving us a shapely, great looking figure.

Athletes and people who are exercising use whey protein before and after exercise, not only for the protein but because your body needs higher amounts of these branch chained amino acids "BCAA".

3 of these BCAA's Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are adsorbed and used directly by the skeletal muscles, aiding in a quicker recovery. Other amino acids must be metabolized through the liver first before being used by the body.

Plus whey proteins promote satiety. This feeling of being full helps reduce appetite and curb overeating. It will help you push away from the table sooner and therefor you eat less and that lead to a lower caloric intake in the process. It is kinda like being on a diet without dieting.

Can Osolean™ Help Me Lose Weight

Whey protein is a key ingredient used in many meal replacement and weight loss products. It is a great way to get your weight loss efforts off to a great start.

Products that are made with whey protein isolates are preferred over others as they have no fat, carbohydrates, casein or lactose.

Studies have found that people who add protein isolates (like those found in Osolean®) to their diets have more lean muscle tissue and burn more fat vs those who don't.

This is great news if you understand that the more muscle you have while you are burning off excess fat your metabolism increases. Which in turn burns more fat. It can actually set your weight loss efforts on the fast track. With a better chance of keeping it off due to having more lean muscle to burn calories.

I personally have found that Osolean® does everything that it is supposed to. The hunger that I have experienced while "dieting" was nearly none existent. After taking Osolean® for 4 months I did lose weight but I did not lose as much as I did on past diets.

But here is the kicker. I lost inches off my waist, thighs and chest area and got into clothes that I have not been able to fit into for 5 years.

That means that I lost FAT and my muscle remained on my body. Now I will admit that I was exercising a bit. Walking some and I lifted some weights a couple of times a week or punched a punching bag. But I had done that before while I dieted in the past only to have my jeans get tight again and again.

Order Osolean® Powder Here

What does Osolean™ Taste Like

One of the draw backs to many weight loss products is the taste and or texture.

When eaten by itself the taste is similar to slightly scalded milk. Not the best taste in the world but not really bad either.

The taste is mild enough however that you can mix it with your favorite drink without altering the taste.

When mixed with a meal replacement drink mix you can't even tell it is in there.

Because Osolean™ dissolves completely leaving no gritty texture or gelling effect of your drink that you may experience with other similar type products.

So What Is Osolean™

Osolean™ in review is not just another whey protein product. It has no Casein which many people are are intolerant to. And it has such a small amount of lactose that even lactose intolerant people should have no trouble with it. It has no oat bran or corn syrup like so many whey protein products do.

Unlike any other whey protein product on the market today Osolean™ is an advanced peptide technology that is derived from specific whey protein isolates. These special peptides are not found in this concentrated form in any other whey product.

This whey protein product is a fat loss supplement that focuses on the burning of fat while promoting healthy lean muscle.

Osolean™ has 4 modes of action.

  1. Whey protein isolates are better suited to helping you feel full, so you eat less without being hungry. You can easily reduce your caloric intake when taken at least 20 minutes before a meal.
  2. Provides the 3 essential BCAA that help build and maintain muscle which helps raise your metabolic rate. For a healthier, leaner, better looking you.
  3. Partially blocks angiotensin converting enzymes. ACE inhibiting peptides help reduce the production and storage of fat so you start burning more stored fat instead.
  4. Protein peptides that target the burning of fat cells. These peptides only job is convert fat into energy. Accelerating the fat loss process by as much as 75% as apposed to dieting alone. With Osolean™ your body can burn fat 3 times faster so you can be thinner quicker.

Plus when taken as suggested you receive

  • 40 percent of your daily protein requirements
  • 44 percent of your daily calcium needs.


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    • Tiamari profile image


      4 years ago from South Africa

      I mix it with Orange Juice. Tastes divine!

    • Sterling Carter profile imageAUTHOR

      Sterling Carter 

      8 years ago from Indian Mound, Tennessee

      Excellent question,

      It is nearly bland, tasted by itself it reminds me a little of slightly scalded milk.

      Mixed with a meal replacement drink or coffee or something like that you can't taste it.

      It does not gel up in your drink either. Or at least it has not on me. It could be that I drink it too quickly but I have never had a problem with it changing the consistency of my drink.

      It is not gritty either.

      I will amend my hub to include these values.

      Thanks for your question

    • ptosis profile image


      8 years ago from Arizona

      Yeah but how does it taste? is This like flax or that other stuff that gels up when it hits water?

    • Sterling Carter profile imageAUTHOR

      Sterling Carter 

      9 years ago from Indian Mound, Tennessee

      I get that question from time to time and I guess I should address it here.

      Osolean is designed for people who would rather not exercise. But the results are much slower for obvious reasons.

      The best way is as follows.

      The Osolean plan is to take 2 scoops of Osolean 20 minutes before your morning and your evening meal. This will help you eat fewer calories without having to feel like your on a diet.

      Then do some moderate exercise. Even walking 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a day is a big help. What you will find is that over time you will begin to want to do more because you will begin to feel more energetic and more youthful.

      It just the way things work.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Must I exercise for osolean to work?

    • Sterling Carter profile imageAUTHOR

      Sterling Carter 

      9 years ago from Indian Mound, Tennessee

      Gerald as stated in the article Osolean can help you by 4 different modes of action.

      1. By providing peptides that actually burn fat 3 times faster than just dieting alone can provide.

      2. By taking it 20 mins before your meal you will be able to reduce your caloric intake easier without feeling like your missing something. In short you will not feel like your dieting,

      3. You will not store as much fat from the foods you do eat because of the ACE inhibiting action of these peptides. Meaning you will be burning more of the stored fat you already have. Instead of fighting 2 battles as once like people who only diet do.

      4. The 3 BCAA found in whey protein will convert the protein in Osolean into muscle more readily.

      5. You will get 40% of the daily protein requirments

      6. You will get 44% of your daily calcium requirements as well.

      As far as your diabetic friend goes all of the listed benefits will apply as well. One thing to know is that Osolean does not have sweeteners like corn syrup or sugar like so many do. Because it is not in a shake formula. i.e. chocolate or vanilla. These drink mixes require the sweeteners due to the nature of the product.

      Osolean is a powder that can be mixed with anything like coffee, milk juice or what ever. You can even sprinkle in over your food but doing so you will lose the benefit that taking 20 mins before hand will bring.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      how can this work for me. I have a diabetic friend as well.

    • Sterling Carter profile imageAUTHOR

      Sterling Carter 

      9 years ago from Indian Mound, Tennessee

      Thanks Saikat.

      I must say your chicken recipes web site is very good.

      I advise anyone who reads this to visit it if they like chicken.

      I will post a Hub about mussel shells and my diving experiences. It should be quite fun.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hello My friend Sterling,

      This is Saikat. Long time to find you again. Great Hub by the way. I'm amazed that you are now into a great niche and super hub! Keep it up my friend.

      But still I'd like to read something about natural pearls and your diving expereinces.


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