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8 Great Ways To Meditate

Updated on February 22, 2017

Finding Peace Within

There are a lot of ways one can meditate, and go within. Every meditation style is different. It just depends on what your intentions are. I've listed some different styles of meditation. Find the one or ones that you are drawn to. You may want to try each one and then use the one or ones that resonate with you.

To start a meditation practice, have a quiet place that is clutter free. You might want to try doing your meditation outside in nature. Notice the difference between indoors and outside meditation areas and pick a place you feel comfortable with.

Seated Meditation

Here are some seated meditations, that one could do on the floor, or sitting on a chair.

1. Breathing- With eyes closed, focus on the breath going in and out. This is good start to any mediating practice. Try doing it for 5-10 minutes a day.


2. Releasing and Let Go- With eyes closed, focus on releasing any blocks, anger, and negative thoughts that you are ready to let go of. If it's a meditation at the end of the day, let go of all the things you did or didn't do for the day, the people you talked to, stress, mind clutter, what ever it is that's your mind needs to be let go of. Then think of what would you like to replace it with. Something like being positive, joyful, what makes you feel happy, relaxed, and at peace. Use a journal to express what you are letting go of and to write down what you are replacing it with. Try doing this for 5-20 minutes.

3. Affirmations & Prayers- With eyes closed, focus on the affirmation or prayer. Repeat it as often as you like until you feel at peace with it. Use affirmation that start with "I Am" this creates the affirmation in the moment of the now. Example, I am abundant, I am healthy, I am happy, and I am at peace.

Guided Meditation

4. Visualizing and Manifesting- With eyes closed, think of what you would like to create in your life. Be it a home, relationship, job, places you would like to travel to, things you would like to buy. Whatever that would make you happy. Now, put in all the how, who, what, where, when, and why that describes what you would like. Do this 5 minutes in the morning and at night for greater results.

5 Guidance- When you need an answer to a problem you are dealing with. Think of the question that you need guidance to. You may want to write it in your journal. Close your eyes, deep breath and try to get neutral to the question by taking your attention way from the problem and how to solve it. Become at peace with what ever the results may be. When you truly let go of the problem, you will get an answer.

6. Objects- Using objects to meditate with. Objects can be a picture, crystal, shell, rock, any thing of nature, or any thing that gives you joy, makes you happy, and has positive affect on you . Close your eyes, hold the object in your hands and just notice what this object feels to you. Let that feeling vibrate through your whole body. Breathe. This can be done in 10-20 minutes or more.

7. Laughing- Many of us are stressed out, and take thing too seriously. We forget to laugh and let go. When you laugh things change into a more positive direction. With eyes closed, focus on something that makes you laugh. This could be a joke, stand up route, a funny TV show or movie. If you can't think of anything funny try to laugh. Chances are you will start laughing and feel better by doing so. Try for 5 minutes or more.

8. Mantras- With eyes closed, focus on the breath, and then say your mantra out loud. A mantra could be "OM", "I Am", peace, love, Repeat the same word over. Try for 5 minutes or more.

How often do you like to meditate?

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I hope this gives you some good ideas of how to bring meditation into your life.

Happy Meditating,



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    • profile image

      Gita 4 years ago

      Brahmakumaris teach meditation...that relaxes the mind...nurtures a healthy balance between inner and outer worlds...

    • healingrose profile image

      healingrose 6 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks Caribqueen. I'm glad you liked it. Finding some peace within will help to de-stress you.

    • CARIBQUEEN profile image

      CARIBQUEEN 6 years ago

      Healingrose: This hub is so soothing. Reading it without actually meditating puts you at peace. Meditation makes us tranquil and it is a great act to do especially at the end of a work week. This will put you at peace with yourself for the entire weekend. Thank you for the guide to meditation.

    • healingrose profile image

      healingrose 6 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks Ingenira. Yes it is best to set a time on a regular bases to meditate.

    • Ingenira profile image

      Ingenira 6 years ago

      Excellent hub, healingrose. I like to find a good place at the right time of the day and pray with Jesus image visualised in my mind.

    • healingrose profile image

      healingrose 6 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks Green Lotus. Yes,laughter can really change the way you feel in a postive way.

    • Green Lotus profile image

      Hillary 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Great hub Rose. For anyone who wants to try to meditate, these are fantastic, simple suggestions. I love that you also suggest laughter! A good laugh has tremendous healing power! rated up