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What Is The Green Coffee Bean Diet?

Updated on May 28, 2013

Dr. Oz Likes Green Coffee Bean Extract as a Fat Burner to Lose Weight


Can You Lose Weight On The Green Coffee Bean Diet?

The Green Coffee Bean diet became popular after Dr. Oz called it a fast fat burner but is it a sizzle or a fizzle?

Let’s turn the lights up on this diet and see if it truly can stand the heat.

Read on to discover what one scientific study revealed about it.

The diet, along with with regular diet and exercises uses green coffee bean extract as a dietary supplement to suppress appetite and burn fat. Dieters take specified dosages in a capsule form daily.

Some people have lost weight using it, but can you?


More on the Study to Evaluate the Effects and Safety of Green Coffee Bean Extract in Overweight Adults

The study followed 12 overweight adults that were divided into groups. All had their body weight, body mass index and percent of body fat measured regularly, along with their height rate and blood pressure throughout the study. Some participants received a high dose (1050 mg total) of Green Coffee Bean Extract that was taken by mouth three times a day. One group received a low dose (700 mg total) Green Coffee Bean Extract taken two times a day by mouth. The placebo group took a 350 mg inactive tablet by mouth three times a day.

At the end of the study, the participants lost an average of 18 pounds resulting in 10% of their body weight and 4.4% of body fat.

Significant Results from Study:

  • All 16 participants lost weight
  • All decreased their body fat
  • All reduced their BMI
  • 12 out of the 16 decreased their heart rate

How was the study designed?

It was a randomized, double-blind study that was implemented over 22 weeks. The double-blind process is often used to prevent experimenter bias and placebo effects. A crossover designed was used to compare the effects of low dose green coffee extract, a high dose green coffee extract and a placebo.

The participants were randomly assigned based on high-dose, low dose and placebo pattern. They continued on one treatment course for six weeks, which was then followed by a two week washout period. After the wash out period, the following treatment course would begin.


Who is the Green Coffee Bean Diet for?

Based on the results of the study, it works best for adult dieters looking to lose at least 10% of body fat.

How Does The Green Coffee Bean Diet Work?

It works by using caffeine and chlorogenic acid to make the body burn glucose and fat while at the same time slowing the release of sugar after meals.

Svetol is the chlorogenic acid found in Green Coffee Bean extract, along with caffeine is the diet’s main ingredient. Svetol is the kick that is found in breather refreshers such as mints and chewing gum. Svetol is also an antioxidant.

Coffee, a well-known diuretic is reported to have a laxative effect by Green Coffee Bean dieters.

Is The Green Coffee Bean Diet Right For You?

Only you and your doctor can determine if a diet is right for you. Based on the above finding some dieters have had success. From my experience, any diet that reduces intake and increases activity will cause weight loss. Some people may benefit from help such as support groups, diet pills and even medical assistance. Your weight loss journey is just as unique as you are.

Consult with your doctor or medical professional to make sure that you are strong enough to diet before starting any diet or exercise routine. Wellness, like wealth is not achieved overnight. It is a established and ongoing journey however, in order to get where you want to be, you have to get started.

Happy traveling!


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