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The Best Time To Eat Food

Updated on October 1, 2015

The science of digestion and absorption

The digestive system of a human being
The digestive system of a human being | Source


Due to the busy daily schedules, many people are skipping meals thinking that they can have enough meal during the supper to compensate for what they did not take at lunch time and breakfast.They do this believing that since at night they will be free that is at resting phase, their body will have enough time to digest whatever they consume.Do you belong to this school of thought?. You should from this moment know that this is not healthy.

A balanced breakfast is key to good health

Irish breakfast
Irish breakfast | Source

Never Skip Breakfast Meals

You should never miss your breakfast meal no matter how busy your day schedule is. It matters a lot when it comes to digestion and absorption.According to the nutritionists, breakfast is the most important.Eating breakfast helps your body to regulate the levels of your blood sugar.This way, it minimizes the risk of getting Diabetes Type II.Diabetes is a nutritional disease caused by the imbalance of hormones involved in the regulation of your blood sugars. The two hormones and insulin and glycogen. In the morning hours blood sugar levels are usually low and hence you need to top up. Eat some few fruits and carbohydrates which when absorbed after digestion will help your body raise the blood sugar level.This will give you energy which will keep you lively and energetic for the better part of the day. Some companies do offer free breakfast at their places of work as a way of enhancing vigor.Remember that your brains are the highest consumers of glucose when compared to all the other organs in your body.

A Healthy Lunch Meal


Skipping Lunch is Not Healthy

It is at these hours that you are fully active and engaged and so are the organs of your body.What do they require? Fuel of course. Not exactly the fuel that you use to power your car but something close to that.You need calories and where can you derive them? From food. So why forego that important lunch meal. It will affect your moods and the overall productivity.It has been scientifically proven that skipping lunches causes irritability and decreased patience.As long as you have choosen the right balanced diet, lunch meal will keep you fit.

Always eat the right amount


Eating Heavy Supper Is Unhealthy

Supper meals should never be used to compensate for whatever you did not have at lunch time or breakfast. Have you ever wondered why many people in hospitals or at homes die at night?.There is at night, many of the body organs are at “resting phase” Not resting exactly, but they are not functioning

as they do during day time.Digestion of food is a biological process.It requires a lot of muscular movement and release of digestive juices. While sleeping, they are not performing maximally.Eat the right amount of food that your body will be able to digest and absorb and this way you will minimize wastage and live healthy. Take care, you are a product of the biological mechanisms in your body.They solely rely on what you consume.

You Are A Biological Product Of What You Eat

Good health starts with with healthy food
Good health starts with with healthy food | Source


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