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Running For Good Health

Updated on December 21, 2015

Lose Weight, Get Fit

To get your body into shape and strengthen your heart it is important to do cardio, for losing weight it is said that it is eighty percent diet and twenty percent exercise. Most of that twenty percent of exercise is cardio, it is the most effective form of exercise for losing weight. Cardio is one of the best things you can do for the body, there are plenty of choices to do cardio and no particular one is right or wrong. The best thing you can do is something you like, this way if you enjoy it you will stick to it longer and push yourself harder. It is not only for weight loss, it makes your heart stronger, it improves your breathing capacity, and it improves your mood and overall looks. Some other benefits of cardio are improved mental concentration, to live longer, and to help with muscle gains.

Burning Muscle

Cardio has developed a bad reputation for burning muscle, this happened by people going on crash diets while doing cardio. If the body does not have the fuel it needs it will burn muscle to survive, here are two examples where muscle will be burned because of food.

#1 Body fat is the bodies gas tank, If your body fat percentage is already low and you do not eat enough to fuel the body it will burn muscle.

#2 The human body needs 22 amino acids to build and maintain muscle, these are essential and are found in protein. These crash diets cause the body to lack these proteins and the body feeds off of the muscle already there.

You do not want to burn muscle because the more muscle you have the more calories get consumes with activity. Muscle burns more calories then fat does, so you want to build and have some muscle mass on your frame. Muscle is an asset when it comes to losing weight.

The best thing that can be done for weight loss is to eat healthy, when you add exercising to a good diet you are working on losing weight in two ways that work together for a synergistic effect. These are not hard and when you make them a lifestyle choice instead of a temporary diet you should not have any weight problems ageing.

Target Heart Rate

You have a certain speed your heart should beat for better weight loss, this is called your target heart rate. When you learn to keep your heart rate in this zone for a period of time you are maximizing your exercises for best results.

The most important thing to do during your cardio is to get your heart rate into your target heart rate zone, there are formulas to figure out your max heart rate to calculate the target heart rate. Here is a basic chart that gives you an idea of how it works.

Target Heart Rate Zone 50–85 %
Avg Max Heart Rate 100 %
20 years
100–170 beats per minute
200 beats per minute
25 years
98–166 beats per minute
195 beats per minute
30 years
95–162 beats per minute
190 beats per minute
35 years
93–157 beats per minute
185 beats per minute
40 years
90-153 beats per minute
180 beats per minute
45 years
88–149 beats per minute
175 beats per minute
50 years
85-145 beats per minute
170 beats per minute
55 years
83-140 beats per minute
165 beats per minute
60 years
80–136 beats per minute
160 beats per minute
65 years
78-132 beats per minute
155 beats per minute
70 years
75–128 beats per minute
150 beats per minute

Continued Burn

Cardio also has and afterburner effect on the body in a way, after you finish your workout the body will burn more calories then normal for up to twenty four hours. This is excellent when coupled with good eating practices, you maximize the amount of weight lost while increasing your overall health.

Having your body work for you even after the workout is a good tactic for weight loss, knowing these things are what the healthy people use to remain skinny and sexy looking. The knowledge of what to do is important, many people work harder then they have to for the little results they obtain. By knowing what works and how to use it together will give you the best results.


Mud run

Turn your exercising into something fun like doing a mud run, many people join this and have fun while getting in a good workout.

Color run

Or sometimes called a paint run, you run along a predetermined route and people throw colors or water paints on you. I have not tried this one and may get an attitude with someone throwing something at my face, you have to remember it is for fun.

With both of these you get a workout, by getting caught up in the fun you may run farther then normal increasing your workout for the day.

When Do You Prefer Doing Your Cardiovascular Workout?

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Make It Fun

Do and activity with you partner or friend that you like, make it fun and you will do it more. I like to go biking or roller skating with my mate, these are things we do and keep us healthy. We also use the time to talk and keep our relationship healthy as well.

Give doing something you like a try to turn it into a weekly ride, you can ever join groups or classes that do these things. A ride designed to help a cause is a great way to exercise and give back to help others.

You can turn it into a way to do your daily activities, If you can ride your bike to work or to the store. Skate around to your friends house or to the park to meet. There are many ways to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle to have a better quality of life.

© 2015 Vince


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