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Symptoms Of Metabolic Syndrome and Treatment

Updated on April 20, 2011

Metabolic Syndrome is something that you must control, or it will control you. Metabolic Syndrome is a term that is used to cover a combination of factors that contribute to the poor functioning of various organs in the body.

Metabolic Syndrome, also called Syndrome X and Dysmetabolic Syndrome, combines high blood pressure, insulin resistance, abnormal cholesterol, and a risk of clotting. These are not the only problems. As the syndrome thrives, fat can gather around the kidneys, liver disorders will develop, woman may have trouble conceiving, sleep apnea may develop, cognitive processes will decline and with passing years, dementia will appear. Not things to be taken lightly.

The causes of Metabolic Syndrome are not yet totally understood, but heredity is definitely a factor. A family history of type two diabetes, an early incidence of heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure could definitely lead to Metabolic Syndrome. The incidence of this syndrome is growing with over fifty million people in the United States already affected.

If you are overweight, particularly around the abdomen, it might be wise to have both your blood sugar and your cholesterol levels checked regularly. Although they do not directly cause Metabolic Syndrome, factors that might contribute to it include, a sedentary life style,  weight gain, smoking, poor diet, and excessive alcohol consumption.

If you have any concerns about the possibility of Metabolic Syndrome, discuss these with your doctor. He will not doubt want to test you blood pressure, your triglycerides, your cholesterol, and your fasting blood glucose.

A strict diet and vigorous exercise can do much to help control Metabolic Syndrome. High fat and processed foods must be avoided. If you are not aware what you should include in your diet, consult your doctor or local hospital for help from a registered dietitian. A regular program of exercise will be necessary to lower and then control your weight. You will need to stick to a strict diet and regular exercise all your life. Cut out smoking and cut way down on alcohol. Medication may be needed to control your blood sugar, your blood pressure, and your cholesterol. Your doctor will be the one to advise and prescribe what is necessary in these areas.

Metabolic Syndrome can be a distressing condition to deal with. Discuss this with your family physician. Support groups may be useful to you. There is lots of help out there. Make sure you take advantage of it all.


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    • profile image

      Mohd razi Uddin Hyderabad 6 years ago

      The diet program is quite awesome I did it according to the program what they said it's really good for everyone those who are facing cholestral problem try to work on this program and enjoy your life .. Life is too sweet live it with full if joy & happiness ..

    • profile image

      doodlebugs 8 years ago

      Thanks for the very informative article about this condition.