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What Is The Flesh Eating Bacteria

Updated on May 15, 2012

There has been quite a lot of news being told about some of the different types of flesh eating bacteria that have recently surfaced. The stories involve a flesh eating bacteria that can dissolve flesh and skin on contact which can spread easily. They have even been known to cause series amputations or death in some individuals. However, this bacterium is quite common in many lakes, rivers, and streams that you may frequent, but it will not necessarily hurt you.

One great example is from the georgic grad student who was recently infected with a rare form of the flesh eating bacteria. She had to have her leg and fingers amputated because the bacterium was quite strong. However, when she was swimming there was a small accident while she was in the water that produced a large gash on her leg. This is where the bacteria entered in from the water. However, if you were to go swimming in the same exact spot at the same time and did not have any injuries occur to you. Then you would be no worse off if you had not gone swimming in the first place.

The bacterium is very common in many freshwater locations. You probably encounter it a couple of times a week with no affects. That is because it will not attach to skin and burrow in it is not that type of bacteria. When you get infected with the flesh eating virus, your white blood cells get right to work. These certain white blood cells called macrophages which produce a chemical which travels to your brain and caused your body to produce a fever and shut off the tumor necrosis. Your best treatment if injured in the water is to go and seek medical treatment right away. If, caught in time you can save your life or the life of someone you love.

There are some signs that you should take into consideration that may let you know you have this infection. Most individuals will start to have, flu like symptoms within a day or so of being infected. This can be a sore through, fever, chills, or other signs of the flu. When the pain is there, and getting progressively worse, it can cause a multitude of issues. Most of the time a sore throat will feel better after a couple of days, not get worse. An increase in the pain will indicate a more severe infection. Also, the wound were you hurt yourself and the bacteria entered will be getting worse and not better.

The infection itself does not cause the dissolving of your flesh it is the toxins that are with it that cause the flesh to become dissolved. Many medical centers have the proper antibiotics that will usually help you fight off the infection or bacteria. Most people that get it take them for 10 days and are fine. If, you wait to long to seek medical help to your cut or wound then it will develop into the beta strep which is a lot more serious. It can cause your limbs to have to be amputated if not caught early. So, always seek medical treatment for an injury if you were swimming in fresh water it may be more serious than you think.


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  • Jamie Brock profile image

    Jamie Brock 5 years ago from Texas

    kadmiels- I could imagine this one would be hard to write without a lot of twitching and itching. I looked at the news today and was shocked to see how many active cases of this bacteria are out there right now. Pretty scary since it's supposed to be something that is very rare. Interesting hub, thanks for sharing.

  • Kadmiels profile image

    Kadmiels 5 years ago from Florida

    thanks not sure how helpful this is,but its good to get some awareness out there. It is probably hands down the hardest hub i have written im still itchy from writing it

  • Lipnancy profile image

    Nancy Yager 5 years ago from Hamburg, New York

    I saw the news story on that lady too. So sad. Thankyou for bringing this to hubpages. Only Kadmiels can present Flesh Eating Bacteria in a positive light. May your hub help many.

  • Man from Modesto profile image

    Man from Modesto 5 years ago from Kiev, Ukraine (formerly Modesto, California)

    They denied and hid AIDS in the beginning... then said they had a cure (they didn't).

    What they are not telling you is that bacterial infections: huge flesh eating boils, are now afflicting more homosexuals than AIDS/HIV. There was even a professional basketball player who lost his foot because of this bacteria.

    The cure is to get a doctor to clean out the boils in surgery. But, if people do not get attention soon enough, it can be deadly.

  • gail641 profile image

    Gail Louise Stevenson 5 years ago from Mason City

    The bacteria sure sounds terrible that causes that disease. Great advice and information. I read about the girl who has it and had to have her leg amputated on the Internet recently-it's a terrible disease.