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Abdominal Hernia Surgery Recovery Time

Updated on October 15, 2010

Last September I moved and did a great deal of moving large items that were probably too heavy for me. I believe it was that, and my own laziness for improper lifting, over time that caused the painful lump I found on the right side of my abdomen in November.

After an ultrasound and a visit with a surgeon it was determined I either had a tumor or an abdominal hernia. Thankfully hernia surgery to check and then repair showed that my abdominal hernia symptoms were not a serious cause for concern other then for hernia surgery repair and putting a hernia mesh on the spot. The surgeon informed me that she did not know for sure what caused the bdominal hernia it but that I had a hole in one of my abdomen muscles and tissue was pushing through it.She guessed it was an accidental cut in the tissue from my previous c-section a few years before that had weakened the tissue and caused it to tear.

The hernia surgery took only an hour in the day surgery unit. I was unconscious when they went in through my C-section scar (possible cause of initial hernia tear) and repaired the stomach hernia in my abdominal wall with a surgical hernia mesh. I was very groggy apon waking and under heavy medication for pain.

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The First Day of Hernia Recovery

I was brought home and spent the next few days on the couch for my initial hernia recovery. I preferred to sit at an incline, with a pillow and the arm rest of the couch for support. Sitting straight up was out of the question. I was given Vicodin and the pain was intense when the pain medication started to wear off. A sneeze or slight cough caused tears in my eyes. My entire abdomen ached. I did my best to be constantly medicated for the next few days.

The Second Day Of Hernia Recovery

Going to sleep was uncomfortable. I chose to sleep on the couch because getting up from a laying position seemed impossible. Trying to move in the night was a huge ordeal to get comfortable. When I woke from sleep from the night the medication had completely worn off and any sort of movement caused intense pain.

The Next Few Days After Hernia Surgery

The entire first week of my hernia recovery I spent the majority of my time on the couch. Still sitting at an angle against the armrest and I only got up when I absolutely needed to. The constant use of pain medication was causing me to become constipated. Trying to move my bowels was an effort in itself. I had dealt with 10 days of not have a bowel movement before when I had my daughter and was terrified of having to go through that again. I forced myself to move my bowels through moving my body while on the toilet and trying to only slightly use my abdominal muscles.

The Second Week After Hernia Surgery

I was up and moving around now. Still staying home almost the entire time and not do any driving if I needed to go somewhere. I did not lift anything more then 10 pounds. I had increased the amount of time between Vicodin and lowered the amount I was taking, but I was still taking some and always before bed and upon waking.

The Third Week After Hernia Repair Surgery

I returned back to work. I wore tennis shoes instead of dress shoes. The first day I stayed just a few hours. I have a computer job and the sitting up leaning forward towards my keyboard and mouse was something that took some time to get used to. I actually felt better when I was standing. Walking wasn't a problem, except that I would have to hold my stomach where the surgery was.

The Fourth Week After Hernia Repair Surgery

Except for a few minor uncomfortable feelings I barely noticed anything near my repaired hernia when I was sitting or standing. I was functioning as normal, still holding my stomach occasionally as I walked. It wasn't painful, just bothersome.

The Fifth and Sixth Week After Hernia Repair Surgery

I started feeling pain again. Sharp needles occasionally where my hernia was. They became strong to the point that the area seemed to feel constantly sore. I was afraid that my hernia repair had not worked. I saw my surgeon and she insisted that it was pain caused by scar tissue forming. It went away after awhile.

1 year update

It's been over a year since I had hernia surgery. There is no pain whatsoever, any numbness that was present months after the hernia surgery is not noticed at all now. My hernia surgery was successful.

May 2010 : My 2 1/2 Year Update

This article was originally written in February of 2008 after my incisional hernia surgery I had done in September of 2007. I thought that many might want to know about if there was any complications now that it has been 2 1/2 years since my surgery.

I can tell you that everything is fine and normal. The only issues I've ever had is some mild discomfort from what my doctors says is the scar tissue. But, I've also had two others surgeries (c-section, abdominal endometriosis.) that went through the same incision site so my scar tissue uncomfortableness may not be a good judge of yours.

I'm still very glad that I had the surgery done. I never feel a pushing or feel that the hernia repair has failed.


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