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What It’s Like To Live With Depression

Updated on March 13, 2018
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Taylor Christian is a 22 year old freelance writer from Shelbyville, IN. She hopes that her writing will help and benefit people.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder characterized by a depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, which ultimately causes impairment in a person's everyday life. It's a common but very serious mental health disorder. The symptoms of depression can affect how a person feels, thinks, and handles activities in their daily life.

These could be activities such as sleeping, eating, and working. In America, nineteen million people are living with major depression. A person with depression believes that their problems are never going to get any better and nobody can help them. Depression causes feelings of sadness and hopelessness which can last from weeks to months and even years.

Different Types of Depression

Major Depressive Disorder:

About sixteen million Americans go through Major Depressive Disorder every year. In order to be diagnosed in Major Depressive Disorder, a person has to have five symptoms persisting for two weeks or longer. Some of these symptoms can be deep sadness, guilt, loss of appetite, loss in interest to do things you once enjoyed, and even thoughts of suicide and death.

Persistent Depressive Disorder:

This type of depressive disorder can cause a person to experience a low, dark, or sad mood most days and have two symptoms that have lasted two years or longer. Basically Persistent Depressive Disorder is a low level of depression.

Seasonal Affective Disorder:

This type of depression disorder occurs in fall or winter. People with this type of depression experience a change in mood as well as low energy. The symptoms include overeating, oversleep, craving carbs, gaining weight, and not engaging in social interaction. Women and young adults are typically the ones with this type of depressive disorder. To be diagnosed with the disorder your symptoms would have had to have lasted for at least two years.

Psychotic Depression:

This type of depressive disorder causes a person to have severe depression along with psychosis. Psychosis is losing touch with reality. The main symptoms are hallucinations and delusions.

Major Depression

Major Depression is the type of depression I personally go through. I've been battling with depression since I was a teenager. I didn't exactly have the best high school experience. Kids can be really cruel and most of the people at my school weren't that nice to me. Plus I hated public school in general. Soon the kids, the work, and the school all together just became too much for me and I became horribly depressed. It got so bad sometimes I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning.I felt like I just didn't fit in.

However, my lowest point came when I left college. Almost immediately after I left college I went to look a job. Now as you all may know job hunting is not easy. It's a very stressful process. I sent in applications for places like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and even online for writing jobs. The thing is nobody wanted me. There was always something wrong with me. I was either too small, too shy, too quiet, or I didn't have enough experience. This really got me down and I became severely depressed. I felt like I had nothing going for me. I wasn't in school anymore nor did I have a job. I did think about ending it at one time. That's how bad my major depression was.

Major Depression feels like you're trapped inside a box. No matter how much you yell and scream for somebody to let you out they don't seem to be listening. It's like you can't breathe but nobody seems to care.

The Bright Side

Just recently, I was prescribed antidepressants as I previously mentioned in my last article. I was prescribed the antidepressant Trazodone which helped me a great deal with my depression as well as my anxiety disorders. I left public high school and enrolled in online high school. I have to say it was the best decision I ever made.

I've applied for more online writing jobs and became a travel blogger for a travel blog. After that I began writing for two more online job writing websites in recent years. If you or someone you know is dealing with any type of depression there's no shame in getting help. You can request your doctor to put you on antidepressants. You can also attend therapy if you need to.


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