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What Might Cause Your Children To Snore? Quickly Find Out!

Updated on March 19, 2013

Whilst snoring in children may sound rather amusing, it is no longer a matter to be taken lightly. Cause of snoring indicates an underlying problem that hinders the passage of air through the upper airway.

Very often the causes of snoring in children can mean the child is either a sufferer of asthma, adenoids or has enlarged tonsils. It can also mean the child has a congenital anatomical problem. This is diagnosed as a small airway or a small jaw or even non coordination of the nerves and the muscles controlling the opening of the airway during sleep. A disorder known as hypotonia that causes low muscle tone or weakness in the muscles can be another cause that's common in Down syndrome.

Other causes of snoring may be due to a condition called sleep apnoea where the airway collapses resulting in the levels of carbon dioxide rising and oxygen being reduced or cut off. The child then finds it hard or unable to breathe and is wakened several times during the night to be able to catch his breath. This is more serious than the condition known as upper airway resistance syndrome when the child wakes up because of the resistance of the airway or their snoring gets too loud. In this instance there is no change in the levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Signs that show up when a child has difficulties with sleep are in poor concentration, tiredness on waking, unexplained bed-wetting morning headaches; they may even have a lot of nightmares. Whatever the cause may be, a stop snoring cure has to be sought. It is essential to establish the cause and seek medical attention without delay. Parents should be concerned about their child's condition and take appropriate action in consulting a pediatrician.

Stop Snoring: Children & Adults


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