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The Dangers of being Obese

Updated on April 24, 2013

Over weight and Obesity are the common and serious problems now a days. Fat deposits in various parts of the body, especially the fat in the belly region not only changes your structure but also makes you look older than you actually are. With the increase in age size of stomach also increases, in most cases men do not take much attention to this thing but women do. Always remember fat deposits around the stomach not only reduce your beauty but also cause health problems. Important thing to note is fat deposits in the abdominal cavity are more dangerous than deposits in any other parts.

visceral fat around stomach
visceral fat around stomach

What are the dangers of obesity?

1.Increasing weight means we are approaching near Diabetes.Obesity is one of the primary reason for Type-2 Diabetes.

2.Overweight means more cholesterol.Increase in cholesterol levels is the road way for Coronary Heart Diseases.So, your heart may trouble you anytime.

3.Increased weight increases the risk of Osteoarthritis (pain in bones and joints). Especially it causes knee pains, hip and lower back pains.

4. The fat deposits in liver lead to Fatty liver disease.

5.The risk of Paralysis attack also increases with obesity.

6.Menstrual problems are more common in obese females.They have problems with hormonal imbalance and unwanted hair.

7.Obesity may cause several complications during Pregnancy. Obese females have low chances of becoming pregnant.

8.It is also one of the primary reason for various Breathing problems and snoring.

9.Obesity is the important reason for some Cancers like breast, colorectal, endometrial, kidney.

10.Obese men and women have high risk of Psychiatric problems especially Depression.

11.There may be fatty deposition in the blood vessels causing obstruction to blood circulation leading to a condition Atherosclerosis.

12.It also causes Sleep related problems like Insomnia.

13.Gout and Asthma can be seen more in obese patients.

14.It may also create Gall bladder related problems.

So keeping all the dangers caused by obesity in mind be careful with over weight. Regular exercises, Changing diet patterns, Yoga and treatment of hormonal imbalances may keep check to obesity.

Take Care


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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 6 years ago from Northern California

      This is informative.

    • Admiral_Joraxx profile image

      Admiral_Joraxx 6 years ago from Philippines

      Are Sumo wrestlers obese people swathi? You know, while reading this, I kinda recall people I know who needs to read this guiding hub. and I know a pretty good number of people, including those enormous sumo wrestlers I often see on TV. Great hub! Very straight to the point and easy to understand. 1 vote up and useful=)

    • swathi180 profile image

      swathi180 6 years ago

      Thanks for vote up

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      very nicely put in simple words Swathi.

      voted up and useful.