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What Part of a Woman's Body Do Men Like Most?

Updated on June 7, 2013

What is a guys favorite part of a woman’s body. Is it her eye’s, her butt, her legs, where do guys typically get drawn in? What is it about a woman, that drives men wild.

Like most guys, we all have our favorites and for us, it can be something different depending on how we’re feeling, what kind of mood we’re in. We sometimes get hung up on certain things, for certain periods of time. As we go through different stages of our lives, or likes and preferences changes. When we're young and shallow, we tend to look for perfection, or try to satisfy fantasies.

Like a phase of looking for long legs, piercing eyes, or that cheerleader type, and even then, our preferences change like the wind.

Some days we’re seeking that thin athletic body, while others, we're drawn into those curves that keep on going. It’s really not science, but nature and its constantly changing and evolving.

Why Stop at One

Trying to accentuate one feature over another is simply a gamble. But like most men, I think overall appearance and chemistry is still the number one attractor.

Some guys start from the top down, others from the bottom up and we work our way over you until we see something that catches our attention, or turns us off. At the end of the day, we’re asking a very simple question….would we or would we not want to see you naked?

As shallow as that may seem, it’s the reality that it’s what most guys think when he first meets a woman.

We Know Within Seconds

From your hair, your clothes, the way they fit, your nails, your shoes, your feet, we see it all and within 10 or 15 seconds, we have made up our mind.

Now first impressions are sometimes wrong, the longer we get to look, but more often than not, that chemical reaction that first hits us, that knows what we are attracted to, sounds off like a fire alarm.

And guys can be picky. We're all different in our tastes. What attracts one guy, may not be attractive to another.

What Really Works

What works for one man, doesn't necessarily work for the other. For some, we're dead set on a certain type while others of us are more flexible. As a woman, don't get so hung up on perfection. Knit picking yourself is a turn-off and lack of confidence will spread to your potential mate. If you're doubting yourself, there is no chance he too will start doubting you. The last thing you want is to plant the seed of doubt in a man's mind. A confident woman with a less than average physique can be much more appealing than a perfect picture that keeps ripping herself apart. At the end of the day, you're our sense of comfort. While some guys are ok knowing that other men are likely checking you out everywhere you go, others don't want to attraction and the jealousy. Best bet, be yourself and take pride in exactly the way you are.

Woman's Perspective

As a woman, what do you feel is your most attractive feature?

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A Man's Perspective

As a Man, Is there One Feature You Flock To?

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    • profile image

      michael pearson 4 years ago

      kiss with legs open

    • rlleon42 profile image

      rlleon42 7 years ago from United States

      haha. that's funny. but its true, sometimes firm, sometimes soft, it all depends and its never the same. Its suprising that's it often the little things like your boyfriends forearms that sneak up on you...I know for me, nice hands and nails ranks high.

    • dotty1 profile image

      dotty1 7 years ago from In my world

      loved your hub - it always amazes me that men like different parts - thank god my boyfreind likes not so firm buttocks hehehe - you know tho I actually like my boyfreinds forearms ?? weird !!