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Difference Between Having a Phobia and a Fear

Updated on March 2, 2016

Phobias Vs. Fears- Main Points

To fear something doesn't really mean you have a phobia of any kind. Of course, it takes fear to make a phobia, but a phobia has it's own attributes that aren't on the topic of fear, always. Phobias are less easy to break and are a bigger presence in peoples lives. Phobias can be life long and some could have a stop put to them, but reports show that phobias can weaken the mind and tear into a persons life. Many people could have the fear of heights, but if it isn't on their mind an excessive amount, it probably isn't a phobia. Other phobias include fearing open space an excessive amount, or fearing spiders an excessive amount; both of these phobias are seen as extreme and unconditional much like an excessive fear of heights is. Phobias sometimes require exposure therapy and frightening encounters so that they have a better chance of being defeated. Many phobias haven't been discovered or are still being heard of, a fear could include asking to borrow something or responding to a statement out of fear of sounding stupid, these are completely different than what a phobia is, we fear things like these everyday and it is something that we don't think about.

Phobias Vs. Fears- Mental Care

Very few people with phobias look for treatment of them, and this is definitely true with fears. Phobias get a lot of recommendation to be treated although most people don't feel that they should be treated for their phobia. Phobias can terrify and make life uneasy at times, but not every dimension of a persons life is attacked by ongoing fears. Most people live life the same as anybody else until they find themselves in scenery which triggers their phobia. How a phobia is responded to is usually not over the top either, most people who have a phobia do not go into a mode of shock in any way possible; in many cases, a safe way is found through a phobia when it is in short distance of one who has it. For the many with a phobia, that ongoing fear that they have is not a danger and they fear wrongly of it.

Phobias Vs. Fears- Follow Up

Fears range more than phobias and a fear is seen as nothing more than a feeling. Every living thing will find themselves fearing something at some point in their life, it is part of us all. But to have a phobia you must find yourself in a traumatic experience which begins it, or it could begin by being passed on unwittingly. Fear is sudden and random, and fear is felt during the moment of and not moments before a lot of times. The feelings that a person has because of their phobia are felt earlier on before they near their phobia, and bad thoughts pile on about it. Phobias and fears overlap each other in many ways but having a phobia is a lot worse. Fear is among those with phobias, but phobias also have a lot to do with memory or visibility of something unpleasant.

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