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What Skinny People Eat

Updated on February 17, 2015

I was out to dinner with a group of friends. As we sat at the Mexican restaurant talking the waitress came by to give us the check. When she did, the only skinny girl at the table asked for a “to go” container. The rest of looked at our empty plates and then at her. “What,” she said. “I couldn’t finish it.” That right there gave me a glimpse into how a skinny person thinks.

It was not what she was eating. She’d ordered the Carne Asada Burrito Plate, however she'd eaten maybe one third of the burrito and a couple of bites each of the refried beans and rice. I on the other hand had ordered the Enchilada plate and scarfed the entire thing in one sitting.

After that day I decided to secretly observe how some of my other skinny friends ate. What I noticed is was interesting. They didn’t fret over calories, they didn’t drink diet sodas or eat diet foods and they consumed desserts as well. They ordered normal things off the menu just like I did. What I did see though was that they ate considerably less of what they ordered. All of them either took a doggy bag home or left food on their plate. They seemed to know when they were full and they stopped eating. TI seemed to be missing a turn off switch they all had.

I assumed skinny people had super high metabolisms and I didn't. Really, it's they know when to stop eating. I've been on numerous diets unsuccessfully yet my skinny friends never diet. They didn’t obsess about food like did. They also seemed to have more energy than I did. They had hobbies and took and interest in more than what they were going to have for lunch. They also eat more slowly than I do and really enjoy what they are eating while they are eating it.

My skinny friends never diet. They eat what they want when they want. They don't obsess about their weight and they don't have food taboos. They enjoy ice cream, cake, chips and soda. They enjoy food at a party and they fill their plates during holiday dinners. I have gotten to that point, but it took me many years and I've had to make rules for myself.

This is where The half cup diet comes in handy. It teaches you how to cut down on what you are eating naturally. Once you get use to the serving sizes you can fit it around any situation. You too can be the person asking for a "to go" container at a restaurant. You can go to parties and actually enjoy the food that is there. You can sit down to a holiday dinner and eat what everyone else is eating.

I was already following the half cup program when I was having dinner with my dad and his girlfriend. My sister and brother-in-law were making dinner and they called us into the dining room to eat. I knew where I was to sit because in the middle of my plate was my 1/2 cup measuring cup. It was a running joke with my sister, brother-in-law and me.

My dad’s girlfriend had already started filling her plate. When she asked about the measuring cup I told her I now measured all my food so I didn’t overeat. She looked down at her plate and said “look, I must be following the same plan. I have the same amount of macaroni salad as you.” She was right. Without even thinking about it she’d spooned a small amount of macaroni salad onto her plate. I had to use a measuring cup to not overfill my plate. Again skinny people have a shut off switch.

Anyone can learn to eat like a skinny person. I use to eat like every meal was my last. I would fill my plate like I was never going to be able to eat again in my life. It took a lot of practice to retrain my brain to mimic what a skinny person does naturally. It wasn’t automatic for me so I used implements until it became a habit. Watch your skinny friends and see how they eat and copy what they do. Learn to eat slowly and savor every bite. Enjoy what you are eating while you are eating it. Don't be ashamed to use implements until you have retrained your brain.

I'll have what she's having
I'll have what she's having | Source
Pizza is on my diet.
Pizza is on my diet. | Source


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