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What The Symptoms Of Pregnancy Are

Updated on December 6, 2013

How do you know you are pregnant? For a very few number of women, there are no symptoms – no, none at all. Of course, these cases are few and far between. For most women, however, there are changes at various levels – some are almost inexplicable. The strange thing is, many women experience different symptoms – some have all of them, some just a couple. In fact, some women have some symptoms for their first pregnancy and other symptoms for any of the following pregnancies.

Some Pregnancy Signs

Some of the earliest signs of pregnancy are swollen breasts and a feeling of tenderness. This could happen even before you miss your first menstrual period your pregnancy term. Of course, the missed period is one of the signs that you could be pregnant and you will need to do a pregnancy test two weeks after you have missed your period to be sure. For some women, very early on, there will be slight abdominal bloating. As the womb expands, many women will find that they are urinating much more often because the uterus is pressing against the bladder. As pregnancy progresses, you might find that you pass urine even when you laugh or sneeze. The nipples, too, tend to get enlarged as the weeks roll by. Tiredness is another symptom that most pregnant women experience. Some women tend to get a bad cold and maybe even a cough in the first couple of months – this usually clears up before the start of the second trimester.


Some More Pregnancy Symptoms

Many women notice a darkening of the skin on the face, around the nipples and in a line down the abdomen. Some may have a bit of bleeding – it could be just light spotting. However, any amount of bleeding – very little or quite a bit must be communicated to the doctor immediately. Of course, most women experience morning sickness. For some, it just comes and goes by the end of the first trimester. For some, they have to put up with it right through their pregnancy. Nausea and vomiting can wear you down and you might need a bit of medication if it gets too bad. Some women also suffer from headaches because of the hormonal changes.

For some women – the lucky ones, the hormonal changes seem to suit them and they feel extra energetic and active. They go right through pregnancy with a smile. For most women however, the first pregnancy is usually the hard one as the body struggles to make adjustments to the new changes. The following pregnancies are usually much easier and women tend to recognize a lot of the symptoms and know how to deal with them a lot more effectively – even though no two pregnancies are alike. As they say, experience is finally the best teacher.


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